Bethenny Frankel, prenup expert: The reality star shares sage advice with Nikki Bella

Bethenny Frankel shares sage advice on prenups with Nikki Bella, who’s engaged to and planning a wedding with professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev.

Jackie Kolgraf
June 9, 2022

Bethenny Frankel, The Real Housewives of New York City star and founder of Skinnygirl, joined Nikki and Brie Bella on The Bellas Podcast to dig into the contentious topic of prenup agreements. Frankel warned Nikki, who’s engaged to and planning a wedding with professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev, about the tricky process.

In 2010, Frankel starred in Bethenny Getting Married? and Bethenny Ever After, reality shows that followed her journey to the altar and married life with now ex-husband Jason Hoppy. She and Hoppy welcomed baby Bryn that same year, but unfortunately their marriage didn’t last past 2012.

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The number one feeling Frankel describes during legal negotiations like prenups is wanting to get it over with — known as “deal fatigue.” Looking back on her own prenup and custody agreement with Hoppy, Frankel remembers she “just wanted the noise to go away.”

She says, “The problem is, it’s big-girl business. It’s a contract.” And the one she’d been signing at the time wasn’t in her best interest, which a lawyer had to point out to her because she’d already “put the earmuffs on” and couldn’t see it herself.

Frankel tells Nikki, “It gets uncomfortable, because you’re negotiating. You have to do it like a big girl … You can’t be too nice in any negotiation. Anything can happen in a courtroom.”

She cautions, “Everything’s good when it’s good. And when it’s not good, it’s really bad, so you have to protect yourself.”

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