Hear Arnold Schwarzenegger on ‘The Howard Stern Show’

The bodybuilder, movie star, and former governor talked about his new book and more.

Matt Simeone
October 6, 2023

Ahead of the release of his new book, Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to “The Howard Stern Show” on October 4.

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In addition to discussing his book, the legendary bodybuilder, action movie star, and former California governor delved into his love for chess, important life lessons, and his bedtime. He also told Howard Stern about his friendship with fellow bodybuilding icon and Incredible Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno, as well drugs in the sport and his intense, painful training that garnered him seven Mr. Olympia titles.

“The more pain there is, the more the muscle will grow,” he told Stern.

During the show, Schwarzenegger, 76, and Stern also bonded over what the radio icon called their “childish dreams”: Schwarzenegger’s boyhood desire to come to America and Stern’s wish to be a broadcaster.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Over the years, Schwarzenegger has appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” numerous times. His new book, “Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life,” is set to be released on October 10.

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