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With the Garmin GDL 51 and GDL 52 Aviation portable receivers, pilots using an iPad or iPhone with the ForeFlight Mobile app can view SiriusXM Aviation in-flight weather and data delivered via satellite to monitor storm fronts, track lightning strikes, TAFs, METARs, winds and more.

The GDL 51 and GDL 52 Aviation receivers deliver SiriusXM Aviation weather, GPS position, and back up attitude (AHRS) to the ForeFlight Mobile app on your iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth®.

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Get a $400 Rebate

With the purchase and subscription activation of an eligible aviation weather receiver from 4/1/2024 to 7/31/2024.


Help and Support

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Send a Refresh Signal

Haven't flown in a while? We can send a "wake up" signal to your hardware.

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Service Coverage Area

SiriusXM Aviation service is available in the continental United States, southern Canada and coastal regions.

Canadian pilots, please visit us at

Need some extra assistance?

Call 1-855-796-9847 or email for personalized help with SiriusXM Aviation. You can also log in to your account if you have account specific issues.


How can I temporarily suspend service if I won’t be flying for a while (due to winter weather, maintenance, other)?

You can suspend your SiriusXM Aviation Weather service at no cost for up to 6 months when you are not using it by calling 1-800-985-9200 and asking to suspend.

Are there any long-term subscription requirements for SiriusXM Aviation Weather service?

You can subscribe monthly to SiriusXM Aviation service or annually. The SiriusXM Aviation subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your...

How often is the SiriusXM Aviation Weather data updated?

SiriusXM Aviation data service elements are updated at multiple rates. Dynamic elements like radar and lightning are updated every 2.5 minutes (twice as fast as ADS-B), while other more stable data...

I live/fly in Canada - where can I purchase SiriusXM Aviation weather service?

SiriusXM Aviation coverage area includes southern Canada. Canadian residents can subscribe to SiriusXM Aviation at