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Pilot flying in the cockpit

We’ve updated our Customer Agreement including handling of legal claims. Please read the updated terms here. By continuing your SiriusXM service you agree to these updates.

Fly confidently with SiriusXM Aviation

SiriusXM Aviation delivers superior weather and related information so you have confidence about what’s ahead to make the best decisions inflight.1 Plus you may be eligible to add SiriusXM entertainment at a discount.

Pilot Josh Flowers standing next to a small plane

SiriusXM Pilot Stories

From low and slow to high and fast, watch these short informative videos from pilots sharing why they love flying and their favorite memories with SiriusXM.

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SiriusXM vs. ADS-B

Learn more about the important differences between ADS-B Weather and SiriusXM, so you can make the right decision for your flying needs.

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Add Entertainment

Enjoy entertainment on your next cross-country flight with 150+ channels of ad-free music, plus sports, talk, news, and more on SiriusXM.

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2-Month Trial

Try 2 months of SiriusXM Aviation’s weather and entertainment to decide if it’s right for you.

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John Zimmerman

AOPA Air Safety Institute: ADS-B or SiriusXM?

Watch the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s “ADS-B vs. SiriusXM: What’s Right for You?” comparison with John Zimmerman, an aviation writer and ATP.

Pilot Josh Flowers

SiriusXM, ADS-B, and Josh Flowers of Aviation101

Watch pilot and filmmaker Josh Flowers of Aviation101 talk about how he started flying, his favorite airports, and why he uses SiriusXM and ADS-B when he flies.

Check out our YouTube channel for more about SiriusXM Aviation

Watch webinars, pilot stories, SiriusXM vs. ADS-B comparisons, weather tips from CFI Meterologist Scott Dennstaedt, and more. 

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Why Pilots Fly With SiriusXM

Here’s what current subscribers say about SiriusXM Aviation.

Ed Booth standing in front of helicopter

"I’ve used SiriusXM weather since 2005 and would not fly without it. I rely on the ability of SXM to work on the ground. What good is a system that doesn’t start working until you are up in the weather you are trying to avoid?"

Ed Booth | 1968 Piper Arrow Pilot

Terry leaning on a small plane

"My confidence to fly solo across the country came from SiriusXM’s coverage, availability at any altitude or on the ground, plus the products and info that comes with the service."

Terry Carbonell | 2010 Air Race Classic Winner

Pilot receives complimentary subscription.

Justin Smith in an Air Cam

"Onboard weather in an AirCam is critical. Having up-to-the-minute radar is the difference between getting soaked in an open cockpit airplane on your way back from a trip to the beach, and making it home to get the aircraft in the hangar."

Justin Smith | AirCam Engineer

Pilot receives complimentary subscription.


Help and Support

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Haven't flown in a while? We can send a "wake up" signal to your hardware.

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Service Coverage Area

SiriusXM Aviation service is available in the continental United States, southern Canada and coastal regions.

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Canadian pilots, please visit us at

Need some extra assistance?

Call 1-855-796-9847 or email for personalized help with SiriusXM Aviation. You can also log in to your account if you have account specific issues.


How can I temporarily suspend service if I won’t be flying for a while (due to winter weather, maintenance, other)?

You can suspend your SiriusXM Aviation Weather service at no cost for up to 6 months when you are not using it by calling 1-800-985-9200 and asking to suspend.

Are there any long-term subscription requirements for SiriusXM Aviation Weather service?

You can subscribe monthly to SiriusXM Aviation service or annually. The SiriusXM Aviation subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your...

How often is the SiriusXM Aviation Weather data updated?

SiriusXM Aviation data service elements are updated at multiple rates. Dynamic elements like radar and lightning are updated every 2.5 minutes (twice as fast as ADS-B), while other more stable data...

I live/fly in Canada - where can I purchase SiriusXM Aviation weather service?

SiriusXM Aviation coverage area includes southern Canada. Canadian residents can subscribe to SiriusXM Aviation at

OFFER DETAILS:  Hardware and subscriptions sold separately. The SiriusXM Aviation subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. Fees and taxes apply. Please see our Customer Agreement for complete terms and how to cancel, which includes calling us at 1-800-985-9200. All fees, content, and programming are subject to change.

1The SiriusXM Service may include traffic, weather and other content and emergency alert information and data. Such information and data is not for "safety for life," but is merely supplemental and advisory in nature, and therefore cannot be relied upon as safety critical in connection with any aircraft, sea craft, automobile, or any other usage. Service not available in AK or HI.