The stars of ‘The Gentlemen’ get candid on everything from cannabis to casting

Catch Hunnam, Grant, and McConaughey in conversation with Andy Cohen about the upcoming movie and much more.

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January 24, 2020

Last week, Andy Cohen sat down with the leading men of The Gentlemen Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, and Charlie Hunnam — for a Deep & Shallow Interview on Radio Andy (Ch. 102) celebrating the upcoming film. While the Guy Ritchie-directed action crime comedy was the topic du jour, the conversation also covered everything from Hunnam’s thoughts on marriage to Grant’s side in the #Megxit saga.

While McConaughey, who plays cannabis kingpin Mickey Pearson, very unfortunately has no scenes with “not-Sir” Hugh Grant in the film, their banter is ever-present throughout the press tour; though Grant laments that he hasn’t been able to impact McConaughey’s consistently positive mood — as evidenced by the latter’s enthusiastic compliments for the former. Hunnam, however, serves as McConaughey’s on-set partner-in-crime in his role as Raymond.

True to the film’s plot, the stars cover their own experiences with drugs, including Grant’s accidental foray into smoking lino (A.K.A. linoleum flooring, for the non-Anglophiles in the audience) and later being sold licorice. But unlike real life, Grant is on the other side in The Gentlemen, playing “merciless sleazeball” and private investigator Fletcher.

When not dishing on weed, weddings, or British royalty, the three men also dive into the filming process. Hunnam — who previously worked with Guy Ritchie on King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in 2017— cites Ritchie’s “mercurial” way of keeping everyone on their toes, but also praises the autonomy given to his casts. And while Ritchie ultimately steered the ship, Grant recalled more than one occasion where he put his foot down (and actually won), particularly when it came to his long, sweeping monologues.

For those hoping to see these three in action (and who wouldn’t, honestly?), don’t miss The Gentlemen when it hits theaters nationwide this Friday, January 24.