‘The Liberal Redneck Hour’ premieres: Vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is ‘a psychopath’

Donald Trump “looks like he’s made out of fried potato skins, and I think that’s why poor white people like him, because we love fried potato skins,” Drew Morgan joked.

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October 17, 2016

The Liberal Redneck, aka Trae Crowder, and his comic partners Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester admit to being Bernie bros. But with Sanders out stumping for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, they’re doing the same.

In honor of an election cycle that’s equal parts hilarious and horrifying, SiriusXM Comedy Greats has turned into F* Politics, a limited-run channel featuring biting commentary from both right- and left-wing comics. The guys kicked off their show, The Liberal Redneck Hour, on Monday.

When a caller asked why Morgan supports Clinton, he admitted to not trusting her “completely.”

“This unfortunately for me really did come down to a lesser of two evils, but what I will say, and I mean this and I know you’re going to disagree and that’s fine because it’s America and that’s how it is, but I think she’s way the lesser of two evils. Because I think not only is Trump a liar and dirty, which Hillary is, I think he’s also pretty crazy and a psychopath. I really do believe that,” he said. “I mean, sometimes I hear these things about Hillary and I’m like, ‘God damn that’s dirty. I can’t wait ’til she gets in there and starts doing all this terrible shit for America.'”

Another caller asked about third-party candidates like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Though Crowder said he’s “all for” a new system, “we live in a country where unfortunately right now that’s not a reality.”

“A wholesale paradigm shift like that, that ain’t gonna happen overnight, man,” he explained. “And I do think over the last two election cycles, in my opinion, we have sort of moved a little bit more in that direction, and I could see more and more people are saying that, and that’s good. But in this election that happens in by the way, three weeks from now, three weeks from tomorrow? That’s just not gonna happen. And again, I’m pragmatic or try to be. So that’s not an option, and we’ve got to vote for one of the people that are there, because for me the stakes are too high in this specific election to go down that road.”

In a spontaneous segment called “Going in with Drew,” Morgan assailed the notion that Democrats who voted for Sanders would turn to Trump.

“If you think for two seconds that you could replace Bernie Sanders with Donald Trump and have even close to the same economy, life for a black person, life for a gay person, life for a Southern person, you are full of s***,” he said. “And maybe because I’m voting for Hillary, I’m of s***, too. Maybe we’re all full of s***, and maybe that’s what politics is. So F Politics, guys. This is the greatest channel name in the world. F*** politics.”

As for the real estate tycoon and reality star turned Republican nominee?

“I f***ing hate God damn Donald Trump. He looks like he’s made out of fried potato skins,” Morgan joked, “and I think that’s why poor white people like him, because we love fried potato skins.”

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