Take a culinary trip through Italy with Stanley Tucci’s mouth-watering gastronomic series

Take a break from the usual Thanksgiving cuisine with a marathon of ‘Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy’ on CNN Originals (Ch. 121).

Jackie Kolgraf
November 23, 2021

On Thanksgiving Day, November 25 from 7am to 7pm ET, join Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci on CNN Originals (Ch. 121) for the six-part series Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy.

Listen as Tucci travels across Italy tasting the flavors of the land and the sea while discovering the history, secrets, and delights of the country’s regional cuisines. Enjoy the luxurious creamy carbonara of Rome, the delicious simplicity of Sicily’s pasta alla Norma, the saffron-infused silkiness of risotto in Milan, the crispy tenderness of bistecca alla fiorentina, the perfect classic ragu alla bolognese, and the world’s best pizza in Naples.

Episode 1: Naples and the Amalfi Coast

Episode 2: Rome

Episode 3: Bologna

Episode 4: Milan

Episode 5: Tuscany

Episode 6: Sicily