Stream with laughter all week with comedy albums by Mitch Hedberg, Dane Cook & more

Don’t miss hilarious hour-long broadcasts of some of the greatest stand-up albums from the 2000s.

Matt Simeone
April 14, 2020

SiriusXM is giving you the chance to experience hilarious hour-long broadcasts of some of the greatest stand-up albums from recent years. Throughout the week, go on a diverting trip back to the early 2000s as SiriusXM Comedy Greats (Ch. 94) pays tribute to Mitch Hedberg’s unforgettable one-liners, thanks Dave Attell for the laugh-out-loud memories, honors beloved comedy giant Patrice O’Neal, flashes back to Dane Cook’s first stand-up album, and remembers Greg Giraldo and all his funny vices.

Check out the full broadcast schedule below, and stream Comedy Greats for free now through May 15 as part of SiriusXM’s new free streaming access period (details here:

Dave Attell — Skanks for the Memories… (2003)

Recorded at the Comedy Works room in Denver, Colorado, Attell’s raunchy, uproarious, booze-fueled special will keep you up laughing like a comedy insomniac.

Click here to listen to Skanks for the Memories… On Demand now.


Mitch Hedberg — Mitch All Together (2003)

Catch the late great comedian’s classic 2003 album performed at the Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota, featuring some of his funniest absurd jokes and non sequiturs.

Click here to listen to Mitch All Together On Demand now.


Dane Cook — Harmful if Swallowed (2003)

Before selling out massive arenas and launching a movie career, Cook broke through with this platinum-certified debut album complete with his brand of dark observational humor.

Click here to listen to Harmful if Swallowed On Demand now.


Greg Giraldo — Midlife Vices (2009)

Laugh out loud to the lawyer turned comedic great’s second and final album special, featuring some of his most memorable rants and sharp, unapologetic bits.

Click here to listen to Midlife Vices On Demand now.


Patrice O’Neal — Elephant in the Room (2011)

End your week right with the late comedian’s first full-length album, recorded at the Montreal Comedy Festival.

Friday, April 17 at 3pm and 6pm ET