Stephen A. Smith Returns to ‘The Howard Stern Show’: Listen

The sports personality talked to Howard about his new book, and more.

Matt Simeone
January 23, 2024

Stephen A. Smith returned to The Howard Stern Show today (January 23) to discuss his new book, Straight Shooter. Listen to and watch his full interview with Howard Stern on Howard 100 on radios and the SiriusXM app.During the show, Smith reflected on his recent feud with Jason Whitlock, which made headlines after Smith blasted the commentator during a 45-minute rant. He also talked about his podcast, The Stephen A. Smith Show, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, his thoughts on Joe Biden and Donald Trump, rumors about the NFL acquiring an equity stake in ESPN, and more.

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stephen a smith on howard stern

Stephen A. Smith is the longtime host of ESPN’s First Take show and one of today’s most prominent sports personalities.

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