Snap Judgment brings its innovative perspective to SiriusXM

“I think what it’s missing more than anything from our national dialogue is empathy,” Glynn Washington says.

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January 6, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another person’s shoes? Through innovative story telling, Glynn Washington has captivated audiences with Snap Judgment, a WNYC Studios program, which will have an additional home on SiriusXM Insight starting Monday.

“I think what it’s missing more than anything from our national dialogue is empathy,” Washington explained to Dean Obeidallah on Friday. “That we can’t understand the person across table, across the aisle, across the street, across in our own communities, and what we really want to do with Snap Judgment is to be able to put you in someone else’s perspective. If there’s anything innovative at all about the show, it’s an innovation of perspective.”

And his innovation and method of sharing stories has caught on.

“A five-hour interview becomes a 10-minute story,” Washington revealed about the process of creating segments for his program. “If you look behind the hood, what you’re seeing is work. Every single word, every pause. Where is the story? Like I had this incident, but I don’t necessarily know where the story is until I start trying to tell it.”

“You gotta work it,” Washington advised. “You gotta mess it up, you gotta find out — run it by some people, you gotta do some things with it before it gets anywhere near a crowd.”

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