SiriusXM + Cremo Best Beard Challenge 2018: Week 2

Our amazing crew of SiriusXM hosts are in week #2 of chasing after the crown in our “SiriusXM Best Beard Challenge 2018,” presented by Cremo.

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November 2, 2018

During No Shave November, men grow their beards freely. What’s less well known, but infinitely more important is the why. November was originally designed as a month to spread awareness about men’s cancers and health.

With that in mind, our amazing crew of SiriusXM hosts are in week #2 of chasing after the crown in our “SiriusXM Best Beard Challenge 2018” presented by Cremo. How does it work? It’s simple, we’re asking you, the plugged-in, social-loving listener of SiriusXM to choose who is growing the best November beard between your favorite hosts.

Let’s take a look at our hosts and how they’re doing heading into week #2:

Mike Babchik, defending Cremo Best Beard Challange champion (Mad Dog Sports Radio)

Mike Babchik is a loveable loser who some questionable souls have called the voice of the common man. However, Mike is anything from common. Babchik has a passion for talking sports, drinking beer and growing a mean beard. You can hear him on Morning Men every weekday morning from 6 to 10 am ET on Mad Dog Sports Radio.


Howard Bender (SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio)

Howard Bender is a fantasy sports player and an industry veteran whose work spans almost two decades. He is ready to take Babchik down and claim the Best Beard title, and he’s asking for your help to get it.


Steve Covino (Faction Talk) 

The pride of Montclair State, Steve Covino has been a fixture, along with his co-host Rich, on SiriusXM for years. The Yankees fan is really going to have to dig deep if he hopes to win the beard contest.


Rich Davis (Faction Talk) 

Self-admitted New York Mets fan, Davis is teaming up with his co-host Steve Covino in the beard contest. Can their powers combined take down the other participants?


Luke Thomas (Fight Nation) 

Luke is a leading voice and analyst in Mixed Martial Arts, and he has the biggest headstart on the rest of the crowd with that well-maintained, Big Man beard he’s sporting.