Say ‘I do’ to this discussion of post-pandemic wedding planning with industry insiders

Tune in for a special report on the state of the wedding industry after an extraordinary year, featuring experts on everything from diamonds to dresses.

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June 11, 2021

As celebratory gatherings return, couples who had postponed tying the knot are gearing up for their special day. But after the event planning industry took a major hit during Covid-19, how will this year’s wedding season play out? What do industry insiders have to say about planning a post-pandemic wedding?

Tune in to a special report on The Business of Wedding Season as host Dan Loney chats with experts spanning the wedding industry, from flowers and venues to diamonds and dresses. Listen on June 12 at 6am ET and June 13 at 11pm ET on Business Radio (Ch. 132), plus anytime via the SiriusXM app.

Guests include Sean Kell, CEO of leading diamond jeweler Blue Nile; Marissa Rubinetti, Director of Marketing at Kleinfeld Bridal, home to TLC’s hit reality series Say Yes to the Dress; Charlie Cole, CEO of flower company FTD, who speaks on trends in the floral industry; Sandals Resorts executive Tony Cortizas, who looks ahead to the honeymoon travel season; and Dhanusha Sivajee, CMO of The Knot Worldwide, with insights on online wedding planning.

Whether you’re getting ready for your big day, you’re a business radio fan intrigued by the wedding industry, or you’re a wedding enthusiast who loves keeping a pulse on trends, tune in for the latest on all things weddings.