Celebrate Rita Marley’s Birthday with a Live Concert Special on Tuff Gong Radio

The Rita Marley Earthstrong Tribute Concert features performances by Jaz Elise, Sharon Marley, Tifa, and more.

July 12, 2024

Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Radio (Ch. 19) celebrates Rita Marley’s 78th birthday with the annual Rita Marley Earthstrong Tribute Concert.

Rita Marley Earthstrong Tribute Concert

How to Listen

The concert premieres July 14 on channel 19 with re-airings on Rita’s actual birthday, July 25.

Plus, after its on-air premiere, stream the concert on the SiriusXM app anytime throughout the month of July.

What You’ll Hear

The annual Earthstrong celebration for Tuff Gong International co-founder, the acclaimed ‘First Lady of Reggae,’ and globally-recognized humanitarian, Dr. Rita Marley OJ, OD, LITT, is turning out to be quite a show. This year’s theme is “Love Iyah 78,” and once again the title event is being produced by Tuff Gong and captured live at its legendary studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

A host of talented artists are set to honor Rita Marley’s life and work. The lineup of performers represents every aspect of Jamaican music, from dancehall to roots reggae and lovers’ rock: Admiral Tibet, Warrior King, Tifa, Sharon Marley, Big Youth, Jaz Elise, Grub Cooper (formerly of Fab 5) and hosted by Collin Hines.

Broadcast Schedule

Sunday, July 14 5pm ET (premiere)
Thursday, July 25 9am and 7pm ET
July 14–31 Available to stream on the SiriusXM app