Revisit memorable celebrity DJ sessions with Cardi B, Michael Bublé, Sheryl Crow & more

The new ‘SiriusXM Flashback Favorites: Classic Celebrity DJ Sessions’ series is available On Demand exclusively on the app.

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April 27, 2020

Seeking some quarantine listening inspiration from some of your favorite stars? SiriusXM Flashback Favorites: Classic Celebrity DJ Sessions is available On Demand and features a selection of the biggest and most influential celebrities and artists sharing their go-to songs.

The DJ series includes Cardi B playing her favorite classic hip-hop on LL COOL J’s Rock the Bells Radio; Michael Bublé playing DJ with Frank Sinatra’s music on Siriusly Sinatra; Rob Lowe playing his favorite songs on Tom Petty Radio; Billy Joel and Judd Apatow, separately, as guest DJs on The Beatles Channel; Jack Johnson as the featured DJ on Pearl Jam Radio; and many more. You’ll also hear guest DJ sessions from Gene Simmons, Ne-Yo, Cage the Elephant, and other fan-favorite artists. Click below to stream the episodes On Demand now.

This series is exclusively available on the SiriusXM app free for both subscribers and non-subscribers through May 15 as part of the recently announced streaming access period (for more information and to start listening, visit:

SiriusXM Flashback Favorites will continue showcasing the best from SiriusXM’s rich archives, bringing back exclusive in-studio performances, concert events, compelling interviews and much more – some of which haven’t been heard in over a decade.