Rams’ Todd Gurley on Sean McVay: ‘He’s been impressive from Day One’

Rams running back Todd Gurley sees new coach Sean McVay as the major difference-maker in his and the rest of the team’s offensive improvement.

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September 29, 2017

The improvement has been noticeable in all facets of the Los Angeles Rams’ offense.

Running back Todd Gurley, in particular, is having a much better season than he did in 2016, when he struggled through a disappointing second year after a sensational rookie season in 2015.

‘We all did a great job of just buying in’

The difference? For Gurley, it starts with the Rams’ 31-year-old rookie coach, Sean McVay.

“Just having Coach McVay here and just everybody just getting fed up with the whole losing thing,” Gurley told Jeff Rickard and Gil Brandt on Late Hits. “Obviously, the season is still young, but I just felt like we all did a great job with just buying in and just taking it practice by practice, day by day, and game by game.

‘Obviously, he’s a young guy, but he has a lot of knowledge’

“He’s been impressive from Day One. I mean, obviously, he’s a young guy, but he has a lot of knowledge. Just being with him the last couple of months, you definitely see why he’s in the position he’s in and has the job he’s at at such an early age.”

Gurley said he and his teammates followed their coach’s mantra when things were getting a little hairy in the Rams’ 41-39 victory against the San Francisco 49ers to start Week 3.

‘Just don’t blink’

“Even though (the 49ers), we were giving them life and they were coming back, it was just the thing that Coach installs in us, ‘Just don’t blink,'” Gurley said. “And I just felt like we all just were relaxed and poised and just slowly waiting to just get back on the field each time. And we were able to connect and put either a field goal or a touchdown on the board.”