Prepare for the school year with SiriusXM specials for students and parents alike

Hear insight on navigating this year’s unprecedented back-to-school process from experts in psychology, business, and medicine, as well as from students themselves.

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September 14, 2020

As September gets closer and the discussions around reopening schools and adapting during the pandemic continue, the back-to-school process can be stressful for both parents and kids alike. To help navigate these uncertain times, listeners can hear experts discussing everything from the logistics of returning to school to the psychology of it and coping techniques.


A to Zoom with Kira Soltanovich 

As parents deal with even more back-to-school stress this year, Kira Soltanovich is delivering some laughs to help take the edge off. Listen as Soltanovich mixes comedy with motherhood to help lighten the load as kids head to the virtual classroom. Don’t miss the special — including jokes, advice, and more — On Demand via She’s So Funny (Ch. 771).

Hoda’s Back to School Special

When it comes to the school year, many famous parents are also facing the difficulties of remote learning. To discuss strategies for parenting during a pandemic and navigating the back to school season in 2020, Hoda was virtually joined by Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Neil Patrick Harris to hear how they’re coping. Watch and learn as they share their tips and tricks On Demand below.

Virtual Book Festival

While kids are back to hitting the books, it doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun. Curl up with Kids Place Live’s (Ch. 78) Back to School-ish Book Fest featuring host Absolutely Mindy interviewing some favorite authors and illustrators about their books, including Aliza Layne, Kelly Yang, and more. After you’ve heard the On Demand special below, be sure to check out the interviewees works for some extracurricular reading.

The Business of Schools During a Pandemic: A SiriusXM Town Hall

As states and localities deal with revenue shortages and budget concerns from the COVID-19 fallout, K-12 public schools can also expect big budget cuts this coming year, and perhaps for years to come. Don’t miss professionals in education and business coming together to share insight on how the Congress’s budget bills will impact how safe is it for students and teachers to return to the classroom, the health risks for schools and surrounding communities, and how deep cuts to education funding disproportionately affect schools that serve minority communities and communities experiencing concentrated poverty during a Business Radio (Ch. 132) special, On Demand below.

Back to School in the Time of Coronavirus

Doctor Radio (Ch. 110) is hosting experts in child psychiatry and pediatrics to share advice on how to handle anxiety and fear over back to school decisions, ways to protect children and adults in various school settings, predictions for the future of education, child development, and more. The two-hour live special is lead by About Our Kids hosts Jess Shatkin, MD and Benard Dreyer, MD. Dr. Shatkin is a child psychiatrist and Dr. Dreyer is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician. Hear it On Demand below.

SLAM! Radio

The first satellite radio station run by high school students, SLAM! Radio (Ch. 145) has made history again with their national weekday show, The Youth. Despite COVID-19 limitations, the show launched in April and continues to broadcast daily, passing the mic to students as they sound off on the topics important to them in light of the upcoming school year. The channel broadcasts from the innovative SLAM! Charter High School in Miami, Florida and, while the programming is created by high school students, it’s for anyone eager for unique perspectives on interesting subjects.

College Search Advice

College Admissions Radio — a special pop-up channel dedicated to conversations about the search process for applying to colleges and universities, sponsored by SoFi — shed a light on college admissions, particularly during the time of coronavirus, and the challenges that lay ahead for students and families as they navigate this unchartered territory. The limited-run channel featured content pulled from The Process, the popular program hosted by University of Pennsylvania Dean of Admissions Eric Furda and Dwight-Englewood School Dean of College Counseling Eileen Cunningham Feikens as they chat with education experts and take listeners through guided steps of the current application process. For even more college application guidance, hear episodes of The Process On Demand below.