Planeys 2018 FINAL ROUND: Vote for your favorite films to watch in-flight

What’s the best movie to watch on a plane?

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March 1, 2018

Oscar season is in full swing, and while this year’s Academy Awards nominees push cinematic boundaries and cast new light on stories from otherwise ignored corners of the universe, Entertainment Weekly Radio’s LA Daily seeks to celebrate a different kind of movie-going excellence. We ask: What’s the best movie to watch on a plane?

The Third Annual LA Daily Planey Awards are here to answer that question. Hosts Julia Cunningham and Kyle Anderson recognize that not all films are created equal, particularly when playing on a tiny screen in a pressurized metal tube full of recirculated air hurtling through space near the speed of sound. A great plane movie must satisfy a handful of criteria: It must tell an engaging story without being too complicated (just in case you nod off or get distracted by the drink cart), it must be paced well enough to keep your focus (so you’re not compelled to abandon it for playing another round of Crossy Road), and it must not be too loaded with sex or violence (so the stranger sitting next to you doesn’t get the wrong idea).

LA Daily has narrowed the list of potential winners of the Third Annual Planey Awards in four categories (Indie, Action, Comedy and Darkness), and now we need your help narrowing down the nominees. Because Cunningham and Anderson like bloodsport as much as the next person, LA Daily has paired the finalists off into a bracket game, and we need your votes to determine who advances and which four movies in each category will advance to the final ballot (with the winners ultimately selected by the hosts). So vote for your favorites below, and stay tuned to LA Daily (weekdays at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT) on Entertainment Weekly Radio (Ch. 105) and follow EW Radio on Twitter (@EWLive) for updates on the Third Annual Planey Awards!

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