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Matt Simeone
May 12, 2022

Phil Rosenthal (creator of the CBS show “Everybody Loves Raymond” and Netflix’s “Somebody Feed Phil”) launched his first podcast with Stitcher, “Naked Lunch.”

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Joined by David Wild — Phil’s co-host and friend, Emmy- and Peabody-winning TV writer, longtime “Rolling Stone” journalist and best-selling author — the “Naked Lunch” podcast features the pair engaged in smart, surprising, funny, and sometimes moving conversations with special guests.

Each week, special guests — including stars like Ray Romano and Brad Garrett — join Phil and David to talk about what’s going on inside their lives (not just their most recent movie roles, books, or special projects). Episodes are often recorded at Phil’s home, with lunch brought in from favorite local eateries. With no agenda except the promise of a well-spent afternoon in excellent company, the show is an informal meeting of wits, minds, and hearts.

“I’ve been having lunch with David for many years,” Phil said, “and we often bring other friends along: great musicians, actors, comedians, chefs, all types. We always eat, and laugh, a lot. And we invariably say, we should be recording this. And now we are.”

Naked Lunch is executive produced by Chris Bannon (Freakonomics, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend), Josephine Martorana (LeVar Burton Reads, Science Rules! with Bill Nye), and Matt Gourley (Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Superego).