MrBeast Talks Success, Influencer Marketing, and More with Tom Brady

Listen to the new episode of ‘Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray’ now.

Matt Simeone
October 10, 2023

Tom Brady is one of the great football players of all time but, as he just shared on his SiriusXM show, he can learn a lot from Jimmy [Donaldson] – better known as MrBeast. MrBeast sat down with Tom and Jim Gray during a new episode of Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray to discuss the 25-year-old YouTube sensation’s road to 200 million subscribers.

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During the episode, the wildly popular content creator reflected on his first viral video (in which he counted to 100,000), delved into what sets him apart from other YouTubers, and explained why influencer marketing is underrated.

MrBeast also looked back at one of his most famous stunts – when he spent 50 hours buried alive in a coffin.

“You don’t want to have to poop while you’re in the coffin,” he said, “so you have to fast before you go in to clear your digestive tract. And then I start eating when there’s like 24 hours left.”

Upon hearing about MrBeast’s experience, Jim then asked Tom about the parallels he can draw from the creator’s intense training and challenges.

“Football season is an endurance challenge… in my mind I’ve always likened it to a marathon,” Tom said. The middle part of the season sucks – it’s a grind.”

In each episode of Let’s Go!, Tom Brady and Larry Fitzgerald share their thoughts on the latest news around the league and beyond the field. Jim Gray, who has known and interviewed both players since they came into the league, leads the conversations every week. Check out previous episodes of the series here.