Michael Douglas Sent Critics a Book About Farting

The Oscar winner talked about his flatulent addition to the script of “Franklin.”

Matt Simeone
April 17, 2024

Michael Douglas appeared on “The Jess Cagle Show with Julia Cunningham” to talk about his new Apple TV+ series, “Franklin” – as well as Benjamin Franklin’s famous essay on flatulence (“Fart Proudly”). Check out his full interview during the weekday show on Radio Andy at 2pm ET and on the SiriusXM app with a subscription and free trial.

In the premiere of the biographical drama, Franklin, played by Douglas, passes gas. The 79-year-old Oscar winner told Jess and Julia that he had the founding father’s fart added to the script.

“That was my addition to the script,” Douglas said. “Because I had read this book – I mean, we did get a couple of criticisms on the show about, uh, they tried to show [Benjamin Franklin] farting. And I said, ‘Well, I’m sending these critics who brought this up this book on Franklin. This is ‘Fart Proudly,’ OK? So you learn about this.’”

“Franklin” debuted on Apple TV+ on April 12 and will feature eight episodes. Directed by “The Sopranos” and “Game of Thrones” veteran Tim Van Patten, the miniseries chronicles Franklin’s eight years in France as he pushes King Louis XVI to back the burgeoning United States during the American Revolutionary War. It also stars Noah Jupe, Daniel Mays, and Ludivine Sagnier.

Michael Douglas on being Kirk Douglas’ son

During the interview, Douglas also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of being the son of another Hollywood icon – Kirk Douglas.

“I think the advantage is that you were able to see your father as a movie star – his friends Burt Lancaster, Gregory Peck, Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra – and you see them all with their own foibles… and i think it helped you conduct your own life in a more practiced, easier way,” he said. The con, on the other hand, was creating his own identity. “It takes you longer to get your own identity and took longer to step out of the shadow of my dad.”

Kirk passed away in 2020 at age 103.

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