Discover the next R&B and Hip-Hop stars on Love Renaissance Radio

Love Renaissance Radio, premiering on SiriusXM’s The Heat October 13 at 10pm ET, will serve as a platform for the next brightest stars in hip-hop.

Jackie Kolgraf
October 13, 2021

Hear the next brightest stars in R&B and hip-hop during Love Renaissance Radio on The Heat (Ch. 46) when it premieres on October 13 at 10pm ET. Hosted by co-founder Justice Baiden, producer Kitty Ca$h, and music executive Amber Grimes and executive produced by Tunde Balogun, new episodes will air Wednesdays at 10pm ET with encores on Sundays at 9am ET and Tuesdays at 12am ET.

Love Renaissance is an Atlanta-based cultural movement. This team has been building one of the most prominent independent record labels in a unique fashion. As a culture, Love Renaissance identifies itself at the forefront of storytelling and honing in on making it cool to be in love. Playing R&B and hip hop, Love Renaissance (LVRN) Radio serves as a platform to discover up-and-coming artists while giving subscribers a glimpse of breaking new music and sharing stories of inspiration.