Lisa Rinna regrets the Yolanda Hadid ‘Muchausen’ drama: ‘It was not pretty’

“I would never have really wanted to ever touch the Yolanda stuff,” the reality star told Amy Phillips.

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December 8, 2016

Yolanda Hadid is absent from the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as she focuses on her health.

Yet, her presence was still felt in Tuesday night’s premiere as the Lisas — Vanderpump and Rinna — kept their distance from each other. The two women fought last year over who is really responsible for the insinuation that the former model suffers from Munchausen syndrome (a psychiatric disorder where a person fakes their illness) instead of Lyme disease.

Rinna, who said during the episode that her father’s death put the drama into perspective, appeared on Reality Checked with Amy Phillips to discuss the controversy.

“Do you regret anything from last season at all?” Phillips asked.

“I regret — if I were to look at it, I would never have really wanted to ever touch the Yolanda stuff,” Rinna said. “That is really a no-win situation. If I could rewrite history, I would not even go there, to be honest with you. It was not pretty. It didn’t feel good. But you know, I never regret anything 100 percent because I learn from it and I grow from it. So in that, I’ve learned and I’ve grown.”

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