Kids Place Live recommends these 7 worry-busting books for kids’ anxieties

As schools close and family time is on the rise, don’t miss this list of kid-friendly ‘Books for Worries.’

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March 16, 2020

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With headlines seemingly popping up every minute and families taking extra precautions, it can be an extra confusing time for kids. To navigate these uncharted waters, Kids Place Live (Ch. 78) compiled a list of must-read Books for Worries with the help of librarian and Absolutely Mindy! contributor Kit Ballenger. Hear the titles in the On Demand special below!

Ballenger — also known as Kit on Lit — joined  Absolutely Mindy! to share seven diverse book recommendations for dealing with children’s worries and anxieties (OK, and probably adults’, too). As school closures and increased quality time are on the rise, Ballenger shared her top picks for soothing kids’ concerns and turning this time period into a family-friendly staycation.

In these strange times, parents and caretakers can find solace in books that offer both calming words for kids and solid scripts for grown-ups trying to tackle emotional unrest. From “children’s modern classics” like Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes to reads designed to make you laugh, like I’m Worried by Michael Ian Black, Ballenger leaves no literary stone unturned. The list also covers works especially helpful for classrooms and educators, as well as titles meant to help kids with overall character growth.

Above all, these Books for Worries will show children that, yes, worrying is a completely normal human emotion, but there are tools they can utilize to make themselves feel better (a good lesson for all as we navigate various uncomfortable feelings).

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One less thing to worry about: Books to help young readers validate and express their worries during this confusing time. In order of discussion on this morning’s Absolutely Mindy Show on Kids Place Live: 😬 WEMBERLY WORRIED, by Kevin Henkes • QUESTIONS AND FEELING ABOUT…WORRIES, by Paul Christelis & Ximena Jeria • I’M WORRIED, by Michael Ian Black & Debbie Ridpath Ohi • RUBY FINDS A WORRY, by Tom Percival • THE FEELINGS BOOK, by Todd Parr • THE RABBIT LISTENED, by Cori Doerrfeld • THE BREAKING NEWS, by Sarah Lynne Reul 😬 Welcome to everyone joining the feed today! Glad you’re here. 😬 @greenwillowbooks @harperkids @capstonepub @michaelianblack @inkygirl @simonkids @bloomsburypublishing @toddparr @lbschool @littlebrownyoungreaders @coridoerrfeld @penguinkids @penguinclassroom @thereul @macmillankidsbooks @absolutelymindy @kidsplacelive #worry

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