Joel and Victoria Osteen to host special Town Hall & Night of Hope in Gillette, Wyoming

Joel and Victoria Osteen will travel to Gillette, WY on Monday, November 18 to hold a special SiriusXM Town Hall radio show and a special Night of Hope at the Cam-Plex.

Matt Simeone
October 24, 2019

Joel and Victoria Osteen will travel to Gillette, Wyoming, on Monday, November 18 to hold a special SiriusXM Town Hall radio show and a special Night of Hope at the Cam-Plex.

Earlier this year Joel and Victoria, who host SiriusXM’s Joel Osteen Radio (Ch. 128), reached out to their listeners around the country to hear stories about towns and communities in need of hope and inspiration. One of the many stories received focused on the town of Gillette where the sudden shutdown of two coal mines had left nearly 600 workers without jobs.Carolyn Waldrop, one of Gillette’s most engaged residents, is an avid listener to the Osteens’ SiriusXM channel and has followed Joel’s preaching for years. Carolyn talked about not only the challenges the town faced, but the remarkable spirit and determination of the people who rallied to help one another.

In recent weeks a bankruptcy judge approved the sale of both mines to a company that is reopening the mines. Joel & Victoria and SiriusXM are visiting Gillette to celebrate the community’s hope and resilience in the face of hardship and to share their inspiring example with Joel’s SiriusXM audience across the country.

On November 18, Joel and Victoria will sit down with Carolyn Waldrop and an intimate audience of Gillette residents for a special SiriusXM Town Hall event at the First Assembly of God Church in downtown Gillette. Carolyn and the Osteens will share Gillette’s story, the resilience of its community, and a message of inspiration with SiriusXM listeners nationwide.

Joel’s simple message that God cares deeply for each of us and empowers us to overcome and succeed resonates with millions, bringing hope and encouragement to a world that desperately needs it. The Osteens’ visit to Gillette will conclude with a Night of Hope, an exciting time of praise and worship, on November 18 at 7pm MT at Gillette’s Cam-Plex. The Night of Hope event is free and open to the public.

“Victoria and I are excited to visit and meet the people of this amazing town of Gillette,” said Joel Osteen. “In the face of their challenges their resilience as a community is inspiring and we’re glad to share their story with people across the country who listen to us on SiriusXM. My gift is to uplift people and show them that through God, there is hope for whatever they’re going through. We believe people will be encouraged and filled with an expectation that their best days are still to come.”

SiriusXM Town Hall

When:  Monday, November 18, 1pm MT

Where: First Assembly of God Church, Gillette, Wyoming

  • Space is limited and this is an invite-only event for audience members. Photo and interview opps available for media. Media should inquire with contacts below for details.

 A Night of Hope for Gillette

When: 7pm MT; Doors Open at 5:30pm MT

Where: CAM-PLEX Wyoming Center Equality & Frontier Hall, 1635 Reata Drive Gillette, Wyoming 82718

  • This is a free non-ticketed event.

The SiriusXM Town Hall and the Night of Hope celebration will be broadcast nationwide on Joel Osteen Radio (Ch. 128), on SiriusXM radios and on the SiriusXM app, on Friday, November 22 at 5pm ET, 3pm MT, and 2:00 pm PT.