Hear SpotEmGottEm weigh in on making a viral hit during ‘First Alert’ on Hip Hop Nation

The young, Florida-based rapper behind viral TikTok hit “Beat Box 2” joins Hip Hop Nation’s (Ch. 44) ‘First Alert’ series celebrating breakout artists.

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February 23, 2021

SpotEmGottEm is an 18-year-old rapper from Jacksonville, FL. He caught his first break going viral on hip-hop news outlet Say Cheese at the age of 16 and recently has been making waves with his track “Beat Box 2.” Thanks to a little TikTok challenge, his song has entered the Billboard 100 at No. 84. To celebrate, Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44) asked him a few questions as part of a new First Alert series highlighting breakout artists.

HHN: Can you describe the creation of your name to begin this story?

SpotEmGottEm: “I used to always walk around saying ‘spot em, got em,’ so Shawn Cotton from Say Cheese suggested that I should name myself that.”

HHN: The #JunebugChallenge is creating a major wave; did you believe it would make this much of an impact on TikTok with the release of the single?

SpotEmGottEm: “I didn’t know it would go viral on TikTok, but the song was already starting to take off in different places — Youtube, the club scene. TikTok really added to it.”

HHN: Who has done your favorite #JunebugChallenge thus far?

SpotEmGottEm: “Saweetie and Meek Mill have been my favorites.”

HHN: Discuss working with Pooh Shiesty and how the “Beat Box 2” song came together.

SpotEmGottEm: “Me and my team were discussing who we thought would be a good look for the remix and could bring that energy, and thought Pooh had that.”

Watch his Rolling Loud interview with DJ Five Venoms here or hear it below.