Hear NBA star Jimmy Butler’s favorite country jams in exclusive Guest DJ special

Throughout Butler’s ‘Chores Playlist’ special, listeners will hear the Miami Heat player select songs by Sam Hunt, Kane Brown, and more country artists.

Matt Simeone
September 17, 2020

Five-time NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler, who is currently playing for the Miami Heat in the 2020 Eastern Conference Finals, took over SiriusXM’s The Highway (Ch. 56) to play his favorite country music songs.

Butler’s Chores Playlist, which he recorded while in the NBA’s “Bubble” in Orlando, Florida, is the latest addition to UNINTERRUPTED’s set of athlete-curated playlists, and is available now On Demand on the SiriusXM app, as well as Pandora.

Throughout the Chores Playlist special, listeners will hear Butler select songs from Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Luke Combs, Kane Brown, Tim McGraw, and more country stars.

“I chose Chores,” Butler says in his commentary, “because, even though I don’t have too many chores nowadays, I feel like as a kid you’ve always gotta do your chores no matter what, or you’re gonna get in trouble and something bad is gonna happen. To me, that’s what working out is like, which is what this playlist is for. I have to work out. Even if I don’t want to do it, you still should work out because sooner or later your time is gonna come. You’re gonna have to hoop. You’re gonna have to be strong. And if you ain’t been doing it, something bad’s gonna happen.”