Drop in to Asia’s dance music scene during ‘House of Jade’ on 88rising Radio

Every Friday night, hear the exclusive show featuring DJs from around the globe playing boundary-pushing sounds of the Asian underground.

Jackie Kolgraf
January 5, 2021

SiriusXM’s new 24/7 home for Asian hits, 88rising Radio (Ch. 305), invites you to enter the House of Jade.

Tune in to the exclusive show every Friday at 8pm ET as Asian DJs and producers from across the globe lead you inside the depths of their city’s nightlife with 60 minutes of boundary-pushing sounds of the Asian underground. Exploring the unique and ever-changing landscape of Asia’s dance music scenes, each mix examines the sounds of Asia like never before. Don’t miss replays of each new episode on Fridays at 11pm ET, Saturdays at 10pm ET, and Sundays at 11pm and 3am ET — plus, listen to previous episodes of House of Jade on the SiriusXM app now.