Get ready for ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ with its cast & ‘The Sopranos’ creator

Enjoy the highest form of conversation as David Chase, Michael Gandolfini, Alessandro Nivola, and Leslie Odom Jr. talk about the ‘The Sopranos’ prequel.

Matt Simeone
September 29, 2021

As the countdown to learn more about who made Tony Soprano draws to a close, don’t miss a special SiriusXM Town Hall with the stars and famed director of The Many Saints of Newark on September 30 at 2pm ET on SiriusXM Stars (Ch. 109). Subscribers can also stream the episode anytime on the SXM App.

During the special, hosts Jess Cagle and Julia Cunningham will sit down with David Chase and stars Michael Gandolfini (son of the late James Gandolfini, who played the original Tony), Academy Award winner Leslie Odom Jr., and Alessandro Nivola to discuss the film. The Many Saints of Newark — David Chase’s highly anticipated prequel to The Sopranos — chronicles the younger, more impressionable years of Anthony Soprano (played by Michael Gandolfini) as he’s taken under the wing of his uncle and role model, Dickie Moltisanti (the father of Christopher in the original series and played by Alessandro Nivola), during the late ’60s in Newark, NJ. See the movie in theaters or via HBO Max on October 1.