Get hourly updates & expert advice about the coronavirus on SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio

This special programming will help listeners separate fact from fiction, provide informational tips on prevention, and guidance on what to be prepared for.

Matt Simeone
March 2, 2020

SiriusXM announced that Doctor Radio (Ch. 110) and NYU Langone Health’s medical experts will launch programming, live and on demand, dedicated to the latest news and updates surrounding the coronavirus. All programming will be presented by NYU Langone’s team of world-class infectious disease and medical authorities and curated by SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio channel programmers.

This special programming will help listeners separate fact from fiction, provide informational tips about prevention, and guidance on what to be prepared for. NYU Langone Health’s physicians contributing to the programming will include Infectious Disease specialists Dr. Mark Mulligan and Dr. Michael Phillips, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Fritz Francois.

SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio channel and NYU Langone Health have created a special informative guide — Coronavirus: Everything You Need To Know — available as a podcast on Pandora and an On Demand selection through SiriusXM’s app and streaming platform. On the 15-minute podcast, Drs. Phillips and Francois discuss everything you need to know from the basics of a virus to the new coronavirus, COVID-19, including prevention, symptoms, and what to do if you experience them.

Doctor Radio will post a daily podcast, Coronavirus — What You Need To Know Now, available on Pandora and SiriusXM, drawn from updates and specials, consolidating in one place the latest news and information from Doctor Radio and NYU Langone Health. Also, this week, Doctor Radio will begin airing hourly coronavirus updates, and also across multiple select SiriusXM channels. The updates will provide the latest information and news related to the outbreak. Hear the first episode On Demand now.

Starting March 6, Doctor Radio will start airing regular live call-in specials each Friday. Hosted by Doctor Radio Medical Director Dr. Marc Siegel, Doctor Radio Reports: Coronavirus — What You Need To Know Now, will be a one-hour live call-in show, where listeners can hear from NYU’s top physicians and experts, and will be able to call in and ask their own questions. The weekly call-in specials start this Friday at 2pm ET. Listeners are encouraged to call 877-NYU-DOCS (877-698-3627), tweet @NYUDocs, or email, with their questions.

“Around the globe, and here at home, the coronavirus outbreak has millions concerned about their health, and we’re grateful to have the world-class physicians from NYU Langone Health on our Doctor Radio channel to support and educate listeners during this time,” says Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM. “This kind of direct access to important fact-based information from the best experts is vital right now.”

“Countless individuals have benefitted over the years from the excellent advice and guidance provided through Doctor Radio, so it is fitting that we embark on a bold initiative to educate the public as best we can on this latest health crisis,” says Andrew W. Brotman, MD, Executive Vice President and Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs at NYU Langone Health. “Being able to tap into our shared resources is what makes the SiriusXM-NYU Langone Health partnership so beneficial to our listeners.”

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