Esiason says Bradford reminds him of Aikman

When Boomer Esiason watches Sam Bradford play quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, he can’t help but be reminded of another player at the position for the Dallas Cowboys: Troy Aikman. Although Esiason isn’t trying to suggest Bradford is on a par with … Continued

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October 10, 2016

Sam BradfordWhen Boomer Esiason watches Sam Bradford play quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, he can’t help but be reminded of another player at the position for the Dallas Cowboys: Troy Aikman.

Although Esiason isn’t trying to suggest Bradford is on a par with a Hall-of-Famer, he sees definite similarities in how they play.

Turner common thread between Bradford and Aikman

“I’m telling you, it reminds me — and I’m not trying to compare him, so I don’t want to get football fans nuts out there when I say this,” Esiason told Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan on Movin’ The Chains. “… Who’s his offense of coordinator? Norv Turner. Who did Norv Turner first coach when he got into the NFL? Troy Aikman.

“He threw about 25 to 30 times a game, highly accurate, one of the best intermediate throwers the NFL has ever seen, tightest spirals, totally in charge of that offense. And each and every week I see a little bit more of that style of offense starting to unfold in Minnesota.”

Bradford on ‘best team’ he’s ever quarterbacked

Esiason, a former NFL quarterback and NFL studio analyst for CBS Sports, thinks Bradford’s chance of excelling are greatly enhanced by his surrounding talent.

“The nice thing for Sam Bradford is he now finally has the best team he’s ever had to quarterback in the NFL,” Esiason said. “If he makes a mistake, the defense can clean it up, the special teams can clean it up. But he hasn’t made that mistake. He’s been really efficient.”


Mack ‘grateful’ to have established QB with Falcons

Alex Mack

In seven seasons with the Cleveland Browns, Alex Mack established himself as one of the top centers in the NFL.

Amazingly, though, he did so without the benefit of working with even a mediocre quarterback. Now, in his first season with the Atlanta Falcons, Mack is enjoying the fact he has the top passer in the league and a leading MVP candidate in Matt Ryan.

Ryan, in fact, was a key factor in Mack’s decision to sign with the Falcons as a free agent.

‘It’s our job to keep him upright and healthy’

“He’s in established quarterback who’s really smart and has been successful,” Mack told Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn on the SiriusXM Blitz. “So having an established quarterback is something I’m really grateful for here in Atlanta. So it’s our job, as an offensive line, to keep him upright and healthy.”

Mack is “super pumped” to be a part of the Falcons.

‘It’s all about being the best you can that day’

“I think it’s a great fit,” he said. “Dan Quinn, the attitude that he brings is fantastic. It’s just all about being the best you can that day, getting the most out of your practice. Keeping at it, keep working, keep striving to get better every day. It’s fun.

“And (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan’s) system is one I was with two years ago (in Cleveland). The transition was pretty quick with me. This was an offense I really wanted to be part of. For us to be rolling so well right now, it’s really exciting.”


Holmgren: Kaepernick ‘should be playing’ for 49ers

Colin Kaepernick

Mike Holmgren thinks the San Francisco 49ers have no choice but to make a change at quarterback.

After four consecutive losses with Blaine Gabbert at QB, the 49ers have reached the point where they must turn to Colin Kaepernick, Holmgren told Zig Fracassi and Mike Nolan on The End Zone.

“I think he should be playing,” Holmgren said. “And I think you might see that, because I think the system fits his skills and what he’s really good at.”

‘It seemed like the perfect marriage’

The former NFL coach and club executive felt that Kaepernick is who the Niners had in mind when they hired Chip Kelly as their coach.

“It seemed like the perfect marriage, Chip Kelly’s offense and then the things that Kaepernick can do and we’ve seen him do beautifully, like running and passing and so on,” Holmgren said. “And that’s the system he was probably the most effective in. But organizations are funny and you don’t know who is directing traffic. Who’s driving the train? Hopefully, it’s the head coach. The head coach should. He should be able to make those decisions, who’s starting and not have any interference from anybody. That’s how it’s supposed to work and that’s how it works best.

“But I don’t know. There are some organizations that are a little funny that way.”


Forsett ‘looking to seize the opportunity’ with Lions tryout

Justin Forsett

Justin Forsett fully intends to capitalize on his tryout with the Detroit Lions Tuesday.

The free-agent running back believes he still has plenty to offer, and intends to show it to the Lions.

‘Hopefully, everything goes according to plan’

“I’m looking to seize this opportunity to go out there and do my best and, hopefully, everything goes according to plan and I’ll be with the team here soon,” Forsett told Brad Hopkins and Jason Taylor on the Opening Drive.

He understands that his contribution can’t be limited to running, but also receiving. In 2014 with the Baltimore Ravens, Forsett had career highs with 1,266 rushing yards and 44 receptions, for 263 yards.

‘I consider myself a three-down back’

“It’s huge (to be able to catch the ball), especially myself,” said Forsett, who was released by the Ravens after averaging only 3.2 yards per rush through the first three games of the season. “I consider myself a three-down back, being able to run the ball, catch the ball and protect the quarterback. I think that’s huge for our position. I think that’s kind of a lost art that a lot of guys really have to learn once they get in the league now is how to protect the QB and being that three-down back.

“I take pride in my position in being a three-down guy.”