Follow the latest developments in college sports on these 6 SiriusXM channels

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down college sports indefinitely, but SiriusXM’s college sports channels are still providing you with live news updates and exclusive interviews all week.

Matt Simeone
April 12, 2020

Ordinarily, during this time of year, the country would be engrossed in another thrilling March Madness tournament. But the coronavirus pandemic has shut down college sports indefinitely, leaving student-athletes, coaches, and fans uncertain about the future of their college programs.

Thankfully, SiriusXM’s ESPNU Radio (Ch. 84), SiriusXM ACC Radio (Ch. 371), SiriusXM Big Ten Radio (Ch. 372), SiriusXM Pac-12 Radio (Ch. 373), SiriusXM SEC Radio (Ch. 374), and SiriusXM Big 12 Radio (Ch. 375) are providing you with live news updates, expert commentary, and exclusive interviews every day. Throughout the week, these channels will also be replaying 2019 college games. See the broadcast schedule for all of the channels below (all times ET).

Monday through Friday, listen to one-hour broadcasts of your favorite ESPNU shows, including The First Team with hosts Taylor Zarzour and Greg McElroy, Playbook with host Jason Horowitz, Full Ride with hosts Rick Neuheisel and Chris Childers, and Off Campus with host Mark Packer, as well as Neuheisel’s new show, A Neu Conversation. Click here for the broadcast schedule.


ACC Today with hosts Chris Spatola, Mark Packer, Wes Durham and Jason Horowitz


Monday airtimes: 7am-8am; 11am-noon; 3pm-4pm; 7pm-8pm; and 11pm-midnight.
Tuesday-Friday airtimes: 7am-8am; 11am-noon; 3pm-4pm; 7pm-8pm; 11pm-midnight; and 3am to 4am.



Big Ten This Morning with hosts Matt Schick and Anthony Herron


Monday-Friday airtimes: 7am-8am; 11am-noon; 2pm-3pm; and 6pm-7pm.


Big Ten Today with hosts Pete Pistone and Jon Jansen


Monday airtimes: 3pm-4pm; 6pm-7pm; and 11pm-midnight.

Tuesday-Friday airtimes: 3pm-4pm; 6pm-7pm; 11pm-midnight; and 3pm-4pm.

Saturday airtime: 1am-2am.


Pac-12 This Morning with hosts Guy Haberman, Mike Yam and Evan Moore


Monday-Friday airtimes: 10am-11am; 2pm-3pm; 5pm-6pm; and 9pm-10pm.


Pac-12 Today with hosts Sean O’Connell and Geoff Schwartz


Monday airtimes: 6pm-7pm and 10pm-11pm.

Tuesday-Friday airtimes: 6pm-7pm; 10pm-11pm; 2am-3am; and 6am-7am.

Saturday airtime: 2am-3am.


SEC This Morning with hosts Peter Burns and Chris Doering


Monday airtimes: 7am-8am; 11am-noon; and 2pm-3pm.

Tuesday-Friday airtimes: 7am-8am; 11am-noon; 2pm-3pm; 11pm-midnight; 3am-4am.

Saturday airtime: 3am-4am.


Big 12 This Morning with hosts Ari Temkin and Dave Archer


Monday-Friday airtimes: 8am-9am; noon-1pm; 3pm-4pm; and 7pm-8pm.

Saturday airtime: midnight-1am.


Big 12 Today with hosts Holly Rowe, Chris Plank and Gabe Ikard


Monday airtimes: 4pm-5pm and 8pm-9pm.

Tuesday-Friday airtimes: 4pm-5pm; 8pm-9pm; midnight-1am; and 4am-5am.

Saturday airtime: 1am-2am.