Don’t miss exclusive Court TV analysis & coverage on SiriusXM’s all-new channel

Take a front row seat to justice with live courtroom coverage, in-depth legal reporting, and expert analysis of the nation’s most compelling trials when the channel launches on Friday, May 15.

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May 14, 2020

***CourtTV is no longer on SiriusXM. We thank CourtTV for their partnership.***

Instead, tune in to the Law&Crime channel for daily live trial coverage, expert legal analysis, and original true-crime programs.

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Ready to get sworn in? Court TV’s live gavel-to-gavel coverage and analysis of the nation’s most important and compelling trials will join the SiriusXM lineup on Friday, May 15 on Channel 793.

Court TV’s on-air team — Vinnie Politan, Julie Grant, Ted Rowlands, and correspondents Chanley Painter and Julia Jenae — consists of seasoned journalists and lawyers who have successfully blended television and legal careers. Ashleigh Banfield, one of television’s top legal analysts, recently joined Court TV as a special contributor. The country’s brightest attorneys, most experienced investigators, and experts can be heard regularly for insightful and spirited discussion about the legal news of the day

“Court TV is committed to providing outstanding legal coverage and journalism across a variety of platforms, and we’re thrilled that Court TV will now bring SiriusXM listeners into the courtrooms of the most riveting trials in the country,” Jonathan Katz, President and CEO of Katz Networks, said.

Since relaunching, Court TV has delivered legal news exclusives while also covering the nation’s most engrossing cases, including Supreme Court of the United States’ (SCOTUS) cases involving President Donald Trump and other impactful issues; the rape trial of Harvey Weinstein, which included an unprecedented new “instant replay” feature recreating testimony from the camera-less courtroom immediately for broadcast; one of the most dramatic and emotional recent trials, Texas v. Amber Guyger, in which the brother of the deceased hugged the former Dallas police officer Guyger following her conviction (seen live nationwide exclusively on Court TV); the riveting trial of high school cheerleader Brooke Skylar Richardson facing life in prison for allegedly killing and burying her newborn daughter in Ohio; and Florida v. Mark Sievers, in which a husband was accused of hiring friends to murder his doctor wife.

Court TV will be available to both SiriusXM subscribers and non-subscribers through May 31 as part of our recently extended free streaming access period (for more information and to start listening, visit