Donnie Wahlberg Hints ‘Blue Bloods’ May Not End After Season 14

Donnie talked to Andy Cohen about the hit show during an interview with New Kids on the Block.

Matt Simeone
March 5, 2024

Donnie Wahlberg on the Blue Bloods set in NYC. (Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Donnie Wahlberg hinted that Blue Bloods might not conclude this year, telling Andy Cohen that there are “rumblings” about Blue Bloods continuing after its 14th season.

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In an exclusive interview with Andy, members of New Kids on the Block talked about their just-announced album. Donnie also mentioned that the hit CBS series is “potentially, allegedly” in its final season. Listen to the full interview on Andy’s SiriusXM channel, Radio Andy, on the SiriusXM app and player.

Joey McIntyre on Blue Bloods?

Andy also asked why, besides Donnie, Jordan Knight has been the only other member to appear on the beloved police drama.

“I’ve been trying to get Joey [McIntyre] to do it,” Donnie said. “It’s a no-brainer for Joey to do it. I’m sure he’d be willing if it’s the right part,” adding it’s his “bucket list item” to get Joey on the show before it wraps up.

Donnie has played Detective Danny Reagan throughout the show’s run. Blue Bloods, which premiered in 2010, has been a staple of CBS’s primetime lineup for over a decade. The show follows the Reagan family, a multigenerational clan of law enforcement officers in New York City, as they navigate the complexities of both their professional and personal lives. Wahlberg’s character serves as a dedicated detective with a strong moral compass, often finding himself at the center of gripping cases and family drama.

Wahlberg’s comments come at a time when the future of Blue Bloods has been a topic of speculation within the entertainment industry. While the show has maintained consistently strong ratings and a devoted fan base throughout its run, the decision to continue or conclude a long-running series is often a complex one that involves various factors, including viewer demand, creative direction, and contractual considerations.

For fans of Blue Bloods, Wahlberg’s hint offers a glimmer of hope that the Reagan family’s story may continue beyond the current season. The prospect of more episodes means the opportunity for further character development, compelling storylines, and the resolution of lingering plot threads that have kept audiences engaged for over a decade.

New Kids on the Block’s new album

On Monday (March 4), New Kids on the Block announced their upcoming album, titled Still Kids, will be out May 17. The LP, their first in 11 years, is available for preorder now in a variety of formats, including a deluxe CD box set. See the full tracklist below.

“It’s the most mature album we’ve ever made,” Donnie said in a statement. “Yet it’s the most fun and most comfortable album we’ve ever made… This album, more than any other, is bringing the New Kids and the fans full circle. It’s about hope and possibilities and being ourselves.”

Still Kids tracklist


“Summer Love”

“Long Time Coming”


“A Love Like This”

“Dance With You”

“Come Back”

“In the Night”



“Get Down” (feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff)

“Old School Love” (feat. Taylor Dayne)

“Better Days”