Toby Keith, John Anderson & James Burton to be Inducted Into Country Music Hall of Fame

A formal induction ceremony will take place in October.

Matt Simeone
March 18, 2024

Credit: CMA

The Country Music Association announced Toby Keith, John Anderson, and James Burton will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame® this year.

Keith, who passed away on February 5, will be inducted in the Modern Era Artist category. Keith’s music can be heard throughout the week on SiriusXM’s Prime Country (channel 58).

Additionally, Anderson will be inducted in the Veterans Era Artist category, while Burton will be inducted in the Recording and/or Touring Musician category (which is awarded every third year in rotation with Songwriter and Non-Performer categories). Listen to Anderson’s songs over in both Outlaw Country (channel 62) and Willie’s Roadhouse (channel 61) throughout the week, as well as Burton’s SiriusXM show on Elvis Radio.

“How did I find out about this amazing award? Well, I was on the phone with Keith Urban and I kind of felt that Keith was beating around the bush a bit and small talking me,” Burton said in the CMA’s press release. “He then stated that he was going to hand the phone to a young lady for a minute. I thought it was a friend of Keith’s that just wanted to say hi or talk guitars. Instead, she [Sarah Trahern] introduced herself and simply said ‘Mr. Burton, you’ve been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.’ I was completely shocked and couldn’t think of anything to say. All I remember was that my wife Louise started crying, I kept thinking that this couldn’t be real. In fact, when we hung up the call, I redialed the caller’s number just to make sure it wasn’t a prank phone call! I am so humbled and excited to be recognized in this way. So much of my career was spent playing for incredible Country artists and to now be going up on that wall with all those innovators and industry greats is just incredible.”

A formal induction ceremony for Burton, Anderson and Keith will take place at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in the CMA Theater this October. The Museum’s Medallion Ceremony, a reunion of the Hall of Fame membership, is the official rite of induction for new members.