Revisit your favorite holiday movies, comedy specials & more on Radio Classics

Radio Classics presents radio adaptations of movies like ‘Miracle on 34th Street,’ TV episodes of ‘Dragnet,’ specials with Jack Benny and Bob Hope, and more.

Jackie Kolgraf
December 8, 2020

Throughout December, celebrate the holidays with iconic Christmas films, television programs, and comedy specials on SiriusXM’s Radio Classics (Ch. 148). No matter how pandemic protocols have impacted your celebrations, your troubles will be out of sight as Radio Classics presents radio adaptations of classic movies like Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life, legendary TV episodes of Dragnet, unforgettable specials with Jack Benny and Bob Hope, and more.

See what’s in store below, and check back for programming updates.

Broadcast Schedule (all times ET)

Story of Silent Night
December 16 at 6pm

Miracle on 34th Street 
December 17 at 4pm
Christmas Eve at 12pm and 9:30pm
December 26 at 11:30am

A Christmas Carol 
December 17 at 4:30pm
December 22 at 11:30pm
Christmas Eve at 9pm
Christmas Day at 5:30pm
December 26 at 11am

Jack Benny Program
December 16 at 4:30pm
December 18 at 7:30am

Abbott & Costello
December 16 at 9:30pm
December 19 at 7:30am
December 27 at 7:30am

Bob Hope Show
December 16 at 10pm
December 18 at 9:30pm
December 18 at 2pm

Charlie McCarthy Show
December 18 at 9pm

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas 
December 20 at 6pm
December 22 at 1:30pm
Christmas Day at 1:30pm

All Is Bright (Story of Silent Night)
December 21 at 10:30pm
Christmas Day at 4:30pm

December 22 at 10pm
December 23 at 10pm
Christmas Day at 6pm

It’s a Wonderful Life
Christmas Eve at 8pm
December 26 at 10am

Jack Frost 
December 27 at 7pm