Carly Fiorina gives her report card on year one of Joe Biden’s presidency

Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina took to POTUS Politics Ch. 124) to offer her Biden report card on ‘Julie Mason Mornings.’

Jackie Kolgraf
January 24, 2022

Year one of Joe Biden’s presidency is in the books, and former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina took to POTUS Politics (Ch. 124) to offer her Biden report card. The founder and chair of Carly Fiorina Enterprises told Julie Mason, host of Julie Mason Mornings, that the President dreamed too big. “Well honestly, Julie, I think he overestimated his political mandate, and therefore I think he underestimated the importance of delivering real results,” Fiorina said.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO emphasized a gap between Biden’s ambitions and political reality, saying, “He was not elected to be a transformational, FDR figure,” echoing a hotly-debated remark made by Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) last fall.
Fiorina told Mason that racking up bite-size legislative victories would have benefited Biden far more than the knock-down, drag-out battles over bills that defined the last year.

“[H]e might have had a quicker, easier, smaller win on voting rights,” Fiorina said, but Democrats enlarging the scope of the voting rights bill “gave Republicans an excuse to say no.”

However, Fiorina told Mason that Biden’s policy proposals, at their core, don’t seem to be the problem. “It wasn’t that the American people disagreed with him, it is that the lack of execution was really troubling.” It’s a deficit of accomplishment, according to Fiorina, that stems “in part from an overestimation of what he was elected to do.”

So, how to silence the critics? “There’s nothing like success,” Fiorina told Mason. “If you can get people to rally around smaller wins and get them done, it helps move people forward.” But even if Biden wants to start getting quick victories, Fiorina says the clock may have run out. “I think that opportunity is lost, honestly.”

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