Don’t Miss Andy Cohen’s Interviews with the Biggest Stars

In episode 1, find out if Andy can groom John Mayer to be his lover and beyond.

Matt Simeone
November 8, 2023

Take a deep dive into can’t-miss interviews with the world’s biggest stars during Andy Cohen’s all-new SiriusXM podcast: Andy Cohen’s Deep & Shallow Podcast.

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Join Andy each week and eavesdrop on things you’re not supposed to hear as he sits down with a celebrity guest and hangs with actor John Hill. Plus, don’t miss Andy’s unfiltered kiki-spanning family and friends as they discuss dating, reality TV, news, and pop culture. From high to low, deep and shallow, this podcast covers it all. The podcast is your free taste of the fun they’re having on Andy’s SiriusXM channel — Radio Andy (Ch. 102) — every day.

Listen to the first episode featuring special guest Adam Brody on the SXM App now or wherever you get your podcasts. Upcoming episodes of Andy Cohen’s Deep & Shallow Podcast will drop every Thursday.

About Episode 1:

Adam Brody is in studio and we chat about acting with Leighton, Propecia’s side effects, ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods,’ and how he got so ripped for the movie. But first, it’s a kiki with my co-host John Hill about the John Mayer concert and more specifically, can I groom John Mayer to be my lover?

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