From Booed to Revered: Follow the Williams Sisters’ Meteoric Rise in Tennis

The 10-episode ‘All-American: Venus & Serena’ documents the incredible story of the tennis superstars.

Matt Simeone
July 13, 2022

Celebrate Black achievements in sports with the incredible story of two of the greatest siblings in tennis history: Venus and Serena Williams. Premiering July 13, All-American: Venus & Serena, the second season of Stitcher’s acclaimed sports documentary podcast, will feature 10 episodes about the rise of the tennis superstars. Listen to the first two episodes or the trailer now on the SXM App, Stitcher and all major podcast platforms.

While Venus and Serena are revered today, 20 years ago they were both being booed. During All-American: Venus & Serena, host Cecil Harris — a veteran sports reporter who has covered the Williams sisters for nearly their entire careers — looks back at their time in the spotlight, through interviews with retired tennis players, fans, journalists, and their former coach, Rick Macci.

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Through their story, All-American: Venus & Serena reveals ugly truths about how America often ignores, scorns, and resists Black excellence — until it becomes undeniable.

“A father’s crazy dream of having his two phenomenal Black daughters revolutionize an overwhelmingly white sport is the most amazing sports story ever,” says Cecil Harris. ”I’m proud to tell that story on All-American: Venus & Serena.”

All-American: Venus & Serena is produced by Jordan Bell. Story editing is by Gianna Palmer. Additional writing and production support comes from Albert Chen. Mixing and original music is by Casey HolfordKameel Stanley is the executive producer of Witness Docs.

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