’88rising Speakers’ addresses masculinity in the Asian American community with David Yi

Hear David Yi, a journalist, advocate, and gender-neutral beauty brand founder, discuss the evolution of masculinity during a conversation with Dolly Li.

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May 14, 2021
As conversations about diversity and representation continue across pop culture, in corporate settings, among friends, and beyond, 88rising Radio (Ch. 305) is keeping the momentum going with discussions exclusively from an Asian American and Pacific Islander perspective through the 88rising Speakers series. This week, the series tackles the presentation of masculinity in the AAPI community through an insightful discussion between Dolly Li and Good Light founder David Yi on May 16 at 8pm ET.

Li returns for the series’ latest installment, this time speaking to Yi about the evolution of masculinity — from ancient makeup routines, to the call for women to support the changing face of what it means to be a man in 2021. They also speak on the influence on BTS on masculinity in western culture, and why V has the best skin of the Bangtan Boys.

Turning a blog on masculinity into a fully fledged skincare line, Yi co-founded good light, a gender-inclusive beauty brand. He’s the founder and editor of Very Good Light, a men’s and masc-identifying beauty publication, and author of the upcoming book, PRETTY BOYS, which debuts on June 22. In 2020, he was named on the Glossy 50 list alongside entrepreneurs like Selena Gomez and Venus Williams. In 2019, Marie Claire named him “25 People Changing the Beauty Conversation.” He’s been written about in countless publications as a thought leader in men’s beauty, identity, and Asian American advocacy, as well as sharing his own perspectives in championing diversity and inclusion throughout his decade of journalism. A founder of AIM, Advocates for Inclusion in Media, he is a GLAAD and Webby nominee.

Li tells investigative and nuanced cultural stories about communities, from the Mississippi Delta Chinese to Korean American adoptees to global Asian diaspora. Her videos have been published on Al Jazeera, the South China Morning Post, PBS, and other outlets. 88rising Speakers is a special ongoing speaker series in response to the rise in hate against Asian Americans. 88rising is gathering their most active and outspoken community members who lead the movement in anti-racism. 88rising is committed to sharing resources, leading action, and taking accountability with 88rising Speakers by inviting AAPI experts in their fields to talk about their work and discuss how to heal, learn, and support one other.