Discover 9 comedy channels that will make you LOL all day long

SiriusXM has enough comedy channels to ensure everyone will end up laughing for hours! With a variety of comedy channels, SiriusXM offers classic comedy bits, up-and-coming comedians, daily talk and live weekly shows with some of the most acclaimed comedians as hosts.

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November 15, 2019

SiriusXM has enough comedy channels to ensure everyone will end up laughing for hours! On a variety of comedy channels, SiriusXM offers classic comedy bits, up-and-coming comedians, daily talk and live weekly shows with some of the most acclaimed comedians as hosts.

Check out SiriusXM’s comedy channels below.

On Kevin Hart’s exclusive SiriusXM channel, Laugh Out Loud Radio (Ch. 96), catch up with world-famous comedian, actor, and mogul. Tune in to hear comedy 24/7, including live broadcasts with Hart himself and fellow comedians like Quake.

Straight from the Hart with Kevin Hart

Check out comedy icon and Hollywood star Kevin Hart’s SiriusXM show, Straight from the Hart. Hart and the Plastic Cup Boys cover a wide variety of topics every week that are guaranteed to have you and your friends laughing out loud!


Quake’s House

Comedian Earthquake, known by his fans as “Quake,” is beloved in the stand-up comedy arena and hosts SiriusXM’s Quake’s House. Known for years as “The Comedian’s Favorite Comedian,” his TV appearances on HBO, Comedy Central, BET, Showtime, and the late-night talk shows have won him a loyal fan base. Chosen by Whoopi Goldberg for a stand-up comedy segment of The View, Earthquake has secured a place in the hearts of comedy lovers across race, culture, or social status.

SiriusXM The Ladies Room with Jazzy podcastLadies’ Room

You’re invited to The Ladies Room, where controversial conversations take place behind closed doors. On this new show hosted by Jasmin “Jazzy” Brown, women can let their hair down and talk about relationships, sex, beauty secrets, the latest in pop culture, and gossip about men. Throughout each episode, Jazzy and four of her favorite (and most hilarious) girlfriends — Natalie Friedman, Briana Lawrence, Renita Woodland, and Kiya Roberts — gather to spill tea, kiki, and disagree about every issue under the sun from a fully female perspective where no topic is off-limits and nothing is censored.

Date Night with Chris and Vanessa

Join Chris Spencer and Vanessa Rodriguez as they unpack the (sometimes unintended) hilarity of dating and remind themselves that successful relationships all have a common denominator: love. Date Night with Chris and Vanessa will celebrate the one night of the week when Chris and Vanessa go on a date with friends and put everything out on the table. The show lives at the intersection of comedy and expert insight to delve deep into the complexities of relationships, blending newsworthy issues, thought-provoking ideas, and humor with a purpose.

Comedy Gold Minds

Find out what makes some of your favorite comedians tick as Kevin Hart dives into the minds of some of the world’s funniest people during his podcast Comedy Gold Minds. From rising stars to comedy legends, Kevin pairs with comedic tastemakers for “ear-opening” dialogue that takes listeners on a wild and crazy ride through comedic minds. Whether guests are chronicling their comedy club experiences or offering a sneak peek of their latest material, each episode promises to be packed with punchlines, anecdotes, and, of course, hilarious jokes.

Listen to your favorite Netflix comedians and comedy talk shows every day on Netflix Is A Joke Radio (Ch. 93). Each day, you’ll hear highlights from top Netflix talent including Adam Sandler, Aziz Ansari, Bill Burr, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and more!

What A Joke with Papa and Fortune

Popular comedians Tom Papa and Fortune Feimster co-host What A Joke with Papa and Fortune. Join Papa and Feimster as they hang out with fellow comedians, interview celebrities, and cover everything from their personal lives and the world of comedy to the day’s trending topics.

Tune in to Jeff and Larry’s Comedy Roundup (Ch. 97) to hear some comedy gold! The two not only share content from their favorite comedians, but they also mix in some of their own shows from over the years. In addition to having a show together, the two also have their own weekly shows featuring new bits and special guests.

The Weekly Roundup

Catch Larry the Cable Guy‘s SiriusXM show, The Weekly Roundup, in which he shares his favorite news stories, events, and more. Larry hangs out with his producers, special guests, and even takes calls from listeners.

A Comic Mind Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy sits down for a one-hour special with a new comedian each week. On top of Foxworthy and his guests sharing jokes and favorite comedic memories, Foxworthy talks with comedians about what inspires them and how they got to this point in their career.


Tune in to Comedy Central Radio (Ch. 95) to hear uncensored stand-up specials from big-name stars all day long. With an extensive library of shows, you can listen to different comedy specials all day, every day.

Not only can you listen to comedy greats and acclaimed stand-up specials on Raw Dog Comedy (Ch. 99), but you can also hear from up-and-coming comedians. You can hear exactly what is on these comedians’ minds and get caught up on the latest news of the stand-up world on the uncensored weekly specials, Comedy Cellar Show and the Raw Report.

Listen along to the albums, concerts and private archives of the late George Carlin on Carlin’s Corner (Ch. 770). The legendary comedian left us with an abundance of comedy masterpieces that have continued to live on.

The Kelly Carlin Show

Kelly Carlin hangs out with iconic comedians and talks about their life in comedy and world events like only the daughter of a comedy legend can. Join Kelly and your favorite comedians on Kelly’s couch every first and third Friday on Comedy Greats. And tune in to Carlin’s Corner to hear extended interviews with these comedians.

Comedy Greats (Ch. 94) plays the best material from the biggest names, from classic comedians of the past to the icons of today. You’ll hear legends like Dave Attell, Lewis Black, Louis C.K., Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Maher, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Joan Rivers, Jerry Seinfeld, and more! Comedy Greats also features three weekly shows by Ricky Gervais, Kelly Carlin, and Tom Papa that will leave you laughing all day and night!

she's so funny show logo

She’s So Funny (Ch. 771) is home to the funniest female comedians — all in one place and hand-curated just for you to keep you in stitches.

The Human Centipod

Carmen Lynch is a stand-up comic (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Conan). John Reynolds is a comedy writer (Late Late Show, The President Show). They’ve been dating for four years and never worked together until the coronavirus forced them into self-quarantine forever. Join them every week for a podcast inside the quarantine.

Private Parts Unknown: Comedians of Only Fans

Private Parts Unknown: Comedians of Only Fans is a comedy-sex-travel podcast about love and sexuality around the world, hosted by comedians Courtney Kocak and Sofiya Alexandra. Their current series explores the intersection of comedy, OnlyFans, and COVID-19.



It’s comedy for everybody on Laugh USA (Ch. 98). Check out profanity-free material from today’s top comics like Jim Gaffigan, and Jerry Seinfeld, as well as hilarious material from emerging and legendary comedians.