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SiriusXM for Business is available through our satellite network and over the Internet. Along with many commercial-free music channels currently heard on our satellite service, our Internet service delivers 30 professionally programmed channels of interruption-free music. With no commercials, DJs or messaging, these channels are designed and available exclusively to meet the business needs of commercial subscribers.


The soundtrack for your successful business is now playing. Choose which service is right for your business, or contact us for additional information.



Introducing SiriusXM Internet Music for Business


With 74 channels that reflect SiriusXM's breadth and variety of content, we have the right music to connect with your customers and motivate your employees. And now programmed exclusively for commercial subscribers, listen to SiriusXM music with zero interruptions! SiriusXM Internet Music for Business features 31 music channels across all genres that will keep your customers dancing in the aisles, tapping their feet at the bar or chilled out at the salon.

  • Access over the Internet using your current PC and the free SiriusXM online media player.
  • Play SiriusXM music in your business with absolutely no interruptions over the Internet. 31 new DJ and message-free music channels available exclusively to Business subscribers.
  • Music streamed at 128k fidelity for the best music experience in the industry.
  • Connect directly to your existing audio system without additional equipment and installation fees.
  • Innovative, reliable player displays details of current channel, genre, artist and title.
  • Starts at $34.95 per month.

To sign up for SiriusXM Internet Music for Business, call 1-866-345-SIRIUS (7474) and speak with a dedicated Business agent now.



SiriusXM Satellite Music for Business


With 71 channels of your favorite commercial-free music, our satellite service provides an exciting alternative to traditional music offerings. Every channel is curated by SiriusXM's team of professional programmers.

  • A fleet of satellites that deliver a music experience that never stops.
  • Broad variety of branded music channels that connect listeners to the artists and their music.
  • Low-cost hardware solutions that connect to your existing audio system.
  • Optional professional installation available through our authorized partners.
  • Starts at $29.95 per month.
To sign up for SiriusXM for Business, call 1-866-345-SIRIUS (7474) and speak with a dedicated Business agent now.


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