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SiriusXM offers The Best Radio on Radio™ by hiring the best people to work in a creative, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial company. When you work at SiriusXM, you are surrounded by passionate and results-oriented people, world-class technology, and some of the best programming in the world. As SiriusXM continues to grow, the opportunities to contribute and make a difference are endless.


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"I've worked for SiriusXM Radio for over seven years and I'm proud to say that this is an outstanding organization. The culture and vision within the company encourages its employees to contribute talents drawn from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I have found my goals and assignments to be both challenging and gratifying. We all have a common goal here at SiriusXM Radio and that is to be the "Best Radio on Radio" this nation has ever experienced."

Rodney Pickett
Senior Vice President Automotive Partnerships
"SiriusXM stands for a workplace that is Sensational, Innovative, Realistic, Interesting, Unique and Special. I am thrilled to be part of a fast growing company that is in tune with their employee needs and development. I am a part of a team where having an open door environment and sharing our ideas is key; two of the main development drivers that make SiriusXM an excellent company. Recruiting for a company like SiriusXM has been a great experience and I look forward to recruiting more talent to our SiriusXM family."

Lissette Estevez
"I have been lucky enough to enjoy my previous work environments. The common factor has always been that my person has been accepted for exactly who I am in the moment that I am that person. SiriusXM has been no exception. Being an on-air personality on our station's OUT Q channel, I have learned that being African-American, Latino, and even gay, can be accepted and also can be celebrated."

Keith Price
Co-Host of The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick
"Working at SiriusXM for the past three years has truly been an adventure. The fast paced environment keeps me on my toes and I'm constantly learning, growing and becoming better at what I do! I really enjoy working on the channel management team which is filled with strong talented leaders. I believe the best has yet to come for SiriusXM!"

Janice Enoch
Functional Manager Customer Care
"The experience base and talent of the people at SiriusXM make it such a privilege to work here. Delivering products that affect the way consumers can experience our content is very exciting! On the technology side, we are constantly pushing the envelope to make things smaller, cheaper, and better. Our true competitive advantage is the dedication and determination behind our innovations."

Christa Petros
Vice President Product Development

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