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About the SR200 Receiver

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Tracking weather is easier than ever with the Raymarine SR200 SiriusXM Satellite Weather Receiver for Raymarine Axiom, Axiom Pro, and Axiom+ displays with LightHouse 3.9 or newer software. Raymarine and SiriusXM have teamed up to bring you actual up-to-date weather information and forecasting to give you peace of mind on the water. The weather information is obtained from the weather industry's leading experts and is delivered via satellite receiver through SiriusXM's Marine Weather services. You can also add over 150 channels of SiriusXM entertainment to your subscription at a discount.

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Get Fish Mapping

With the SR200 and a compatible Raymarine display you can subscribe to Fish Mapping – a package including all of SiriusXM’s weather features, plus features to help you identify the best offshore fishing locations. Onshore planning using the fishing features, plus ocean currents, historical data, routing, and a measuring tool, is available via the Fish Mapping App. Weather features not available on the app.

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Device Features

  • Radar & Lightning

    Radar is color-coded and shows precipitation across the contiguous US and Southern Canada.  Cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-surface lightning strikes are also provided.

  • Marine Zones

    Select a marine zone to view the written NOAA forecast for that region. No need to wait for the VHF radio report.

  • Fishing Recommendations

    Recommendations by fish species, using data-driven analysis from oceanographers, shown as color-coded ovals.

  • Sea Surface Temperature Front Strength & Plankton Front Strength

    View SST Front Strength, which shows temperature changes that create distinct boundaries between bodies of water and attract bait fish. Strong or very strong Plankton Fronts illustrate areas preferable to game fish.

SiriusXM Marine Plans Compatibility

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Fish Mapping


Help and Support

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Send a Refresh Signal

Haven’t taken the boat out in a while? We can send a "wake up" signal to your hardware.

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Service Coverage Area

SiriusXM Marine service is available in the continental United States, southern Canada and coastal regions, up to 150 nautical miles offshore.

Need some extra assistance?

Call 1-855-796-9847 or email for personalized help with SiriusXM Marine. You can also log in to your account if you have account specific issues.


Can I suspend my service when my boat is out of the water or not in use for a period of time?

You can suspend your SiriusXM Marine Weather service at no cost for up to 6 months when you are not using it by calling 1-800-985-9200 and asking to suspend.

Where does SiriusXM Marine Weather come from?

The Weather Company (formerly WSI), the industry-leading weather information supplier, is the source for SiriusXM Marine Weather. TWC combines NOAA data with information from other...

I live/boat in Canada - where can I purchase SiriusXM Marine weather service?

SiriusXM Marine coverage area includes southern Canada. Canadian residents can subscribe to SiriusXM Marine.

Are there any long-term subscription requirements for SiriusXM Marine Weather?

No. You can subscribe on a month-to-month basis. SiriusXM will bill your credit card monthly in advance, and you may cancel your subscription at any time. There will be a $25 activation fee when...