SiriusXM Radio

Seek it. Find it. Then discover more.

Over 150 channels is a lot. So Lynx has several ways to find what you know you want to hear, as well as discover what you never knew existed.

  • Show Finder

    Whether you're in Satellite or Internet Mode it shows you what is playing now and what will be playing up to 7 days in the future, on every channel. You can find shows by name, channel or category. If you see something coming up that you don't want to miss, you can set an alert (and we'll alert you when it's on). Want to know what's hot? Search Highlighted shows to get the scoop.

  • Featured Favorites

    Let SiriusXM do the work and create a unique collection of favorite channels for you. Don't worry, they won't replace your own favorites – they'll sit alongside and will change periodically so you can experience a variety of entertainment. If you become a big fan of a new channel, simply add it to your personal favorites library. Of course, this feature is also an optional one, so you can turn it off whenever you want.

  • Similar Channels

    Like a certain channel but feel the need to branch out a bit? Nothing wild and crazy (unless you happen to love wild and crazy) but just a few suggestions on other channels that you might like. Let the Similar Channels feature recommend channels that are similar to the one you're currently enjoying.

Beauty & Brains

When it comes to what you're holding in your hand, placing on your dash or displaying in your home, looks are everything. As long as they are backed by an ultra-powerful OS.

  • Lynx has a flexible OS platform that can be updated via Wi-Fi® every time SiriusXM introduces new features or capabilities for your Lynx.

  • Tough but sleek Gorilla Glass encases the color touch screen. So it's easy to smoothly navigate, even for those of us who are all thumbs.

Your Lynx knows exactly what kind of dock it's in (home, vehicle, etc.), which allows you to customize the screen brightness, audio levels, on/off options and overall experience, without a second thought.

Time really is on your side… oh, yes it is.

Pause, Rewind, and Replay during live radio!

Need to take that call? You'll hit Pause, take care of business, and start right back where you left off. Did you hear that? Want to hear it again? Hit Rewind to go right back to it. Then, hit Replay. Lynx features both live SiriusXM Satellite & Internet Radio. While in Internet Mode, Start now lets you go back in time and access the last 5 hours of previously broadcast programming. Your favorite channels each have up to 30 minutes of Replay capability.

Hear your Favorites. Even when you can't.

Sometimes there is no Wi-Fi® signal. Sometimes, there is no satellite connection. But with the Radio Replays feature, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to enjoy SiriusXM.

You have up to 25 favorite channels. Five of those channels are displayed on-screen at one time. As you listen to these channels, Radio Replays are automatically recording up to 8 hours of each of those 5 displayed favorite channels. And the more you have them on-screen, the more they are recorded. Display other favorite channels, and they'll be recorded also.

25 favorites x 8 hours = up to 200 hours of content recorded and ready to be enjoyed!

Of course, if you don't want a channel automatically recorded, you can always simply change your settings.

No strings – or wires – attached.

As the first SiriusXM radio to include both Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® technologies,
Lynx doesn't have to be tied down to deliver the ultimate listening experience.

Stream stereo audio from your Lynx to all Bluetooth stereo audio devices – everything from headphones, to portable speakers to car stereos.
  • The LH1 Bluetooth Home Dock allows you to remove Lynx (while in Internet Mode) without losing any audio connection. So it becomes a really sleek, super-sophisticated touch screen remote control.

  • Access your favorite channels via Wi-Fi® at home or anywhere there is Wi-Fi access…so you're free to move and groove your way.

Hear it all. And then some.

When you have access to the latest technology, you have access to the latest channels.

Lynx gives you access to our new set of SiriusXM Xtra Channels – a collection of 20+ channels including more music, sports, entertainment and SiriusXM Latino, a collection of 12 Spanish language channels featuring music, sports and talk.

Oh yes, and you'll have access to every other bit of content we're known for.

You Say When

"What did I just miss?" Ten times out of ten, it's something you would've enjoyed – especially since it's on a channel you've just chosen.With the new Start Now feature for Internet Mode, you can now jump right back to the beginning of the show you've tuned to (or any show that's aired within the last 5 hours).

  • You'll tap the action panel icon and select Start Now, which gives you a list of shows that have played in the last 5 hours.
  • You'll choose what you want – a missed news broadcast, a favorite morning program or favorite music show.
  • Then, simply pause, rewind, and fast forward your way to the exact spot you want.

You Say Where

Whether you're relaxing in your living room or at a coffee shop. Whether you're flying down the highway or up at 30,000 ft., Lynx will keep you listening.


    When connected to an optional LH1 Bluetooth® Home Kit, Lynx delivers the unparalleled content of SiriusXM Satellite Radio or Internet Radio throughout your home or your office.


    Connect Lynx to any available Wi-Fi® signal, and enjoy everything SiriusXM Internet Radio has to offer.


    No satellite signal or Wi-Fi access? Lynx has options; Tune in to your personal music library or up to 200 hours of your favorite SiriusXM content that Lynx automatically records for you with the Radio Replays feature.


    When connected to an optional LH1 Bluetooth® Home Kit, Lynx delivers the unparalleled content of SiriusXM Satellite Radio or Internet Radio throughout your home or your office.


    Time for a road trip? The LV1 Vehicle Kit has everything you need to enjoy SiriusXM Satellite radio anywhere you drive.

The ultimate radio for the
ultimate listening experience.
Never Miss a Can't-miss moment. With SiriusXM On Demand you can enjoy hundreds of SiriusXM Internet Radio shows and events - on your time.
This sleek, portable radio with optional accessory kits lets you enjoy SiriusXM Satellite & Internet Radio wherever and whenever you want.
With optional LV1 Vehicle Kit
With optional BB2 portable Speaker Dock
Headphones sold separately
Tune Scan™ lets you preview the songs you missed on your Favorite music channels to find something you like.
  • Listen anywhere to your favorite SiriusXM programming recorded – plus, your personal music collection. Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® mean no wires required.
  • No other SiriusXM Radio does all of this...

      You say "When."

      Choose favorite episodes, shows, exclusive interviews and events from our On Demand catalog and listen on your schedule when connected to SiriusXM Internet Radio.
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      You say "Where."

      Listen to SiriusXM Internet Radio anywhere there's Wi-Fi®. Or enjoy the coast to coast coverage of Satellite Radio using accessory home and vehicle docking kits.
      Learn More


      Hear it all. And then some.

      Enjoy everything SiriusXM has to offer, including SiriusXM Latino and even more music, sports and entertainment with SiriusXM Xtra Channels.
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      Time really is on your side...
      oh yes, it is.

      Pause live radio, rewind live radio and Start Now lets you go back in time up to 5 hours to listen to previously broadcast programming when connected to SiriusXM Internet Radio.
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      Hear your Favorites.
      Even when you can't.

      Keep listening, even on a plane, because you'll have up to 200 hours of your favorite SiriusXM content automatically recorded – plus, your personal music collection.
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      No strings or wires attached.

      Move and groove freely from room to room with Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® technology.
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      Beauty and Brains.
      A perfect combination.

      Easily access every powerful, flexible feature using the gorgeous, high-definition touch-screen display.
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      Seek it. Find it.
      Then discover more.

      Find out about every channel and every show currently being broadcast - and up to 7 days into the future - with the Show Finder feature.
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