A La Carte and A La Carte Gold Customers


A La Carte and A La Carte Gold Customers

Along with new channels being added in May—including Comedy Central Radio and Entertainment Weekly Radio—there have been other recent additions and changes to our lineup that give you new choices for your customized A La Carte lineup. As a courtesy, we’re giving A La Carte subscribers an opportunity to make a one-time, complimentary adjustment to your channel selections.

You can use your one-time, complimentary adjustment any time beginning May 9th. Please note that If you're interested in adding Comedy Central Radio or Entertainment Weekly Radio to your A La Carte lineup, you can select those channels beginning May 9th but they will not feature full-time programming until later in the month. If you prefer, you can wait until the end of May or later to adjust your A La Carte selections when both channels will be broadcasting full-time. The choice is yours! Just keep in mind that the standard $5.00 adjustment fee will be waived only one time, beginning May 9th.

To Change Your A La Carte Selections, follow these 6 simple steps:


Log in to the Online Account Center

You will need your username and password. Not certain what they are? Use the links below and we'll help you retrieve them.

Forgot your password?

Forgot your username?


Click the "Change Your A La Carte Channel Selections" Link

You will now be brought to the subscription screen. Click on the first choice in the menu at the bottom labeled "Change your A La Carte channel selections." Reminder: Disregard the notice about the $5 change fee. Due to the channel additions beginning May 9th, we're providing a one-time credit for our A La Carte customers when you adjust your channel selections.


Select Your A La Carte Channels

At the top of the page, you will see the number of channels currently selected as part of your package as well as how many may be added. Using the tab menu, you can navigate among main categories — Music, Sports, News & Talk and Entertainment. If a channel is checked that means it is currently part of your custom lineup. To add a channel, simply click on the box next to the channel number. Once you are happy with your selections, click the "Review Selections" button.


Review Your A La Carte Selections

Almost there! Because this is a one-time waived fee, take a final look at the adjustments you've made to your lineup. If you want to change your selections, click the "Edit Selections" button. If you are happy with your selections, click the "Confirm" button.


Order Confirmation

The channel change fee line item in the order summary section will say $0.00. Your channel change is now successfully completed. Print and save a copy of the confirmation for your records.


Tell us what you listen to, and we'll make a customized channel guide with updated numbers to help you find the channels you love, plus a few new ones too.

Download the Full Channel Guide

The complete SiriusXM Channel Guide in PDF format.

Channel Look Up

Enter a channel name or number to find that channel's new number.


For more information about the new channels and other adjustments, click here.