Tyler Conklin Talks Building Chemistry with Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin Cook Reunion

The tight end believes there’s “definitely a spot” for Cook on the Jets.

Matthew Fanizza
June 26, 2023

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

In a recent interview with Lance Medow and Rick Spielman on SiriusXM NFL Radio, New York Jets tight end Tyler Conklin shared his experiences transitioning from the Minnesota Vikings, delved into building chemistry with new quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and discussed the possibility of a reunion with former teammate Dalvin Cook.

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Building Trust and Adjusting to Rodgers:

Conklin first reflected on his time in Minnesota, where he had to wait for his opportunity to play and build trust with quarterback Kirk Cousins. However, his transition to the Jets has been vastly different, with a mix of young quarterbacks like Zach Wilson and Mike White.

“Yeah, it’s been a completely different experience,” he said. “In Minnesota, kind of having to wait my turn and not really getting a chance to play until my 3rd [or] 4th year, and then building that trust with Kirk… Aaron is completely different because he just, he does things in a certain way.”

Conklin emphasized the distinct qualities of playing alongside Rodgers, describing him as a coach on the field. Rodgers’ attention to detail, such as his snap count and knack for drawing defenders offside, has created a constant learning environment for Conklin and the rest of the team.

“He has these little things that he does like his snap count for instance,” Conklin added, “or we all know how he likes to try to get a free play and get people to jump off sides… He’s like another coach out there. “So it’s just always kind of just constant learning with him so we can all be on the same page, what type of a ball to expect on certain routes or if a defender is playing you a certain way.”

Rodgers’ Rejuvenation with New York Jets:

Conklin touched on Rodgers’ enthusiasm since arriving in New York. He mentioned how Rodgers has been immersing himself in the city’s vibrant culture, attending basketball and hockey games, as well as Broadway shows. Conklin believes that Rodgers’ happiness off the field directly translates to his performance on the field.

“If you’re happy off the field and things are, you’re handling your business, I think that translates to how you’re gonna play on the football field,” Conklin said. “And I think, in that sense, he has a fresh start, and just probably feels a little rejuvenated.”

Possible Reunion with Dalvin Cook:

When asked about the possibility of reunion with former Vikings teammate Dalvin Cook and if the New York Jets would be a good destination, Tyler Conklin replied, “It’s definitely a spot for him. He’s still good in pass protection. He’s fast.” Conklin continued, “I think the way Aaron competes, it would only help our team having somebody like that.”

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