Bruce Murray Hosts New Podcast Exploring Sports Movies Like ‘Hoosiers’ and ‘Miracle’

Bruce Murray hosts ‘The Replay: Sports on the Big Screen,’ a new podcast that brings you closer to the making of some of the great sports movies of our time.

Matt Simeone
August 22, 2022

Since the inception of cinema, there have been hundreds of films that have used sports as a vessel for their narrative drama. From silent-comedies like Harold Lloyd’s The Freshman, to dramatic biopics like Raging Bull, filmmakers have reveled in giving their audience a taste of a world that most of us have only ever dreamt of being a part of.

Hosted by SiriusXM NFL Radio host Bruce Murray, The Replay: Sports on the Big Screen brings you closer to the making of some of the great sports movies of our time. Season 1 will feature 10 episodes, each devoted to a movie based on real-life sports events, featuring interviews with actors, writers, directors and the individuals depicted on the bring screen, bringing listeners closer to the making of the greatest sports movies.

Bruce Murray

In the first episode, Bruce and guests take you back to 1943, to the dawn of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Through first-hand anecdotes told by two of the players that were there, plus the film’s screenwriters, we look how accurately the film portrayed the AAGPBL and the women who made it great. Future episodes will explore titles like Hoosiers, Cool Runnings, Miracle and more. Listen to available episodes anytime on the SXM App or wherever you get your podcasts.

August 22
Episode One: A League of Their Own
Guests: Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel (Screenwriters), Shirley Burkovic and Maybelle Blair (Former AAGPBL Players), and Anika Orrock (Author)

August 29
Episode Two: Hoosiers
Guests: Angelo Pizzo (Screenwriter), and Bobby Plump (Former Player)

September 5
Episode Three: Cool Runnings
Guests: Devon Harris (Member of the 1988 Jamaican Bobsled Team), and Doug E Doug (Actor who played Sanka Coffie)

September 12
Episode Four: Miracle
Guests: Mike Eruzione (Member of the 1980 USA Mens Hockey Team), Patrick O’Brien Demsey (Actor who played Mike Eruzione), and Gavin O’Connor (Director)

September 19
Episode Five: Ali
Guests: Christopher Wilkinson (Screenwriter), Randy Gordon (Former NY State Boxing Commissioner), and Nico Ali (Muhammad Ali’s Grandson)

September 26
Episode Six: Eight Men Out
Guests: DB Sweeney (Actor who played Shoeless Joe Jackson), and Jacob Pomrenke (SABR – The Society for American Baseball Research)

October 3
Episode Seven: Rudy
Guests: Daniel Ruettiger (Rudy), and Angelo Pizzo (Screenwriter)

October 10
Episode Eight: Remember The Titans
Guests: Boaz Yakin (Director), and Tony Rehagen (Journalist)

October 17
Episode Nine: Coach Carter
Guests: John Gatins (Screenwriter), and Robert Ri’chard (Actor who played Damien Carter)

October 24
Episode Ten: Lords of Dogtown
Guests: Victor Rasuk (Actor who played Tony Alva), Nathan Pratt (original Z Boy Member) and Peggy Oki (original Z Boy Member)