Songs these 18 MLB players SHOULD use as their walk-up music

Ever wonder how baseball players choose their walk-up music? Music plays before each batter steps up to the plate, before each pitcher takes the mound, but what does the music say about the player? Some players might use their walk-up … Continued

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May 12, 2016

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Ever wonder how baseball players choose their walk-up music? Music plays before each batter steps up to the plate, before each pitcher takes the mound, but what does the music say about the player? Some players might use their walk-up song to pump themselves up, some might use it to send a message to their opponents or the fans.

Whatever the case, we feel like some players missed some huge opportunities to take the field with the stadium speakers blaring music that fits them perfectly. So you know we had dole out some tunes that these players can use not only for their walk-up music, but as the theme songs to their lives.

Bartolo Colon- “Ice Cream” by Raekwon

Colon hit the first home run of his career this past weekend and took over 30 seconds to trot around the bases. He would’ve been running faster if he heard an ice cream truck jingle in the distance.

Bryce Harper- “All Eyez On Me” by Tupac

Baseball’s top young star is poised to be the face of the MLB for years to come. Tupac Shakur understood the feeling when he composed “All Eyez On Me,” a perfect summation of what Harper is currently experiencing.

Mike Trout- “Badfish” by Sublime

Get it? Trout, a type of fish… So, Badfish? Plus, Mike Trout, maybe it’s the facial hair, seems like a bro who can get into Sublime #DadJokes all around, folks.

Yasiel Puig- “Wild Boy” by Machine Gun Kelly

Yasiel Puig is probably the most unconventional player in the MLB right now with his throws from the outfield and risky base-running. Puig needs something with a lot of hype, and “Wild Boy” seems to be the perfect anthem for him.

Robinson Cano- “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” by Tom Wopat and Bernadette Peters

The remix writes itself: “Anything You Can-o Do, I Can-o Do Better.”

David Ortiz- “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men

With Big Papi retiring after the 2016 season, with the song’s devastating chorus? Yeah, a blubbering, tear-soaked Fenway (after a devastating game 7 loss in the ALCS?) as Ortiz’s send-off, that’s what BoSox Nation deserves.

Alex Rodriguez- “Joker” by Steve Miller Band

Even A-Rod himself has to admit it, the fact that he’s still playing after all the controversy over the course of his career is a huge joke. He’s a picker, he’s a grinner, he’s a lover, and he’s a sinner.

Miguel Cabrera- “Back To Back” by Drake

We couldn’t find a song about a dude wearing three crowns for the former Triple Crown winner, so what better song for the first back-to-back AL MVP winner since 1994?

Eric Hosmer- “The Champ Is Here” by Jadakiss

The defending champion Royals should use this anthem for every player, every walk-up, every music break between innings. As one of the faces of the young Kansas City team, Hosmer is the lucky pick to receive this classic from Jadakiss.

Kris Bryant- “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” by New Kids On The Block

Bryant, the Chicago Cubs second-year man, seems to have all “The Right Stuff” after winning the NL Rookie of the Year and is by far the brightest New Kid On The Block.

Yoenis Cespedes- “Ridin’ Dirty” by Chamillionaire

Cespedes showed off how strong his “whip game” was with a slew of crazy cars during Spring Training. We all saw him rollin’, and we all were definitely hatin’.

Clayton Kershaw- “Dead Man’s Curve” by Jan & Dean

This would be the theme song more for Kershaw’s favorite weapon, that nasty curveball. Many a man have tried, but all have failed to see any success against that deadly hook.

Giancarlo Stanton- “Power” by Kanye West

Stanton routinely blasts home runs of over 450 feet. “No one man should have all that power.” Seriously, he shouldn’t have all that power!

Jake Arrieta- “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer

Arrieta has been all-but untouchable since last season, winning the NL Cy Young Award and throwing two no-hitters in the calendar year. All he needs to add to his repertoire is the Hammer Dance after each strikeout.

Andrew McCutchen- “Runnin’” by The Pharcyde

I dunno about you, but when I think of McCutchen I see him running, covering long distances in the outfield, speeding around the bases. Whatever he’s running from, The Pharcyde warns that he “can’t keep running away.”

Albert Pujols- “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds

Pujols may be in a massive slump to start the season, batting .190 so far. But the former MVP is second on the Angels with six homers and 18 RBIs, so don’t forget about him.

Matt Harvey- “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal

Dubbed “The Dark Knight,” Harvey should enter to this lead single from the Batman Forever soundtrack. No doubt, the crowd in New York would love it.

Jose Bautista- “Game Over (Flip)” by Lil Flip

After doing the most dramatic bat-flip in MLB history, Bautista should embrace that infamous moment. With the song’s chorus going, “Flip! Flip! Flip!” no one would be able to blame him for any subsequent bat-flips because he’s just obeying Lil Flip.

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