SiriusXM Sports’ Best Beard Contest: Week 4

Week 3 saw Rich Davis edge Mike Babchik’s roaring surge and is now in control of the poll with a whole 40 percent of the vote.

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November 22, 2016

Everyone has facial hair, but some lucky souls are blessed with extra-powerful facial follicles that can carpet ones chin and cheeks with a coarse-haired forest of masculinity. To find out who amongst our stable of hosts at SiriusXM Sports possesses the raw power and follicular fortitude to grow the most-baller of beards we’ve teamed up with Cremo to host the “SiriusXM Sports Best Beard Contest.” Week 3 saw Rich Davis edge Mike Babchik’s roaring surge and is now in control of the poll with 40 percent of the vote.

Here again is a quick rundown of the hosts competing, further below is the poll to vote on who is the beard-liest.

lagreca-croppedDave LaGreca, Busted Open on Rush

The long-time host of Rush’s “Busted Open,” SiriusXM’s premiere home for all the professional wrestling news and opinions. LaGreca hopes to put the competition into a submission hold with his beard-growing prowess.



chris-childers-croppedChris Childers, College Sports Nation

A staple of College Sports Nation, Childers offers a broad knowledge of college sports, from football to hoops to baseball, he’s got it covered. Childers is gonna need more than an encyclopedic knowledge of college sports however to win this contest. Can he grow a beard? Will you vote for his beard? Time will tell.


covino-croppedSteve Covino, Covino and Rich, Rush

The pride of Montclair State, Steve Covino has been a fixture, along with his co-host Rich, on SiriusXM for years. The Yankees fan is really going to have dig deep if he hopes to win the beard contest. Does he have the follicular fortitude to claim the best beard?



rich-davis-croppedRich Davis, Covino and Rich, Rush

Self-admitted New York Mets fan, Davis is going toe-to-toe with his co-host Steve Covino in the beard contest. Who will win the hearts of the throngs of Covino and Rich fans?




babchik-croppedMike Babchik, Morning Men on Mad Dog Sports Radio

The self-proclaimed “voice of the common man,” Mike Babchik will surely have the advantage if he taps into the power of the #FALS. The #FALS are of course, Morning Men’s legion of rabid fans.



And now it’s up to you, America. Vote for the best beard in this, the second week of the SiriusXM Sports Best Beard Contest: