Quiz: How well do you remember the female musicians of the mid-’90s?

“You Oughta Know” at least a few of these!

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July 11, 2016

Girl Power reached a high in the mid-’90s, opening doors for female musicians of all genres to receive wide distribution and radio play. Of course, the Spice Girls were hardly the only female musicians to rock the era. Some of today’s biggest stars (ahem, Beyoncé) got their start in the mid-’90s, others finally achieved mainstream recognition (Ani DiFranco, Shania Twain), while still other female artists released one big pop hit before fading into musical near-obscurity (Natalie Imbruglia, Letters to Cleo).

Let’s see how well you remember the female pop stars, girl groups, riot grrrls and solo songstresses of the mid-’90s.

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